Obama: No power can stop Iran’s support for Hizbullah

Obama-Israel-holocaustl[1]Before embarking on his ‘landmark’ visit to his African Muslim father’s native country, Kenya, Barack Obama gave an interview to the so-called “state-owned” BBC North American editor Jon Sopel, a Zionist Jew.

As expected, Jon Sopel’s most questions were directed at Obama’s crossing Netanyahu’s “Red Line” over Iran’s nuclear program, Iran’s regional allies, such as, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas, Iraq, Yemen – and of course the recent great Jewish achievement, same-sex marriage.

In responding to Sopel-Netanyahu rant that lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic will provide billions of dollars more to help Tehran its regional proxy Hizbullah and Assad regime that would destabilize the region further – Obama said that neutralization of Iran’s nuclear ambition was the first step in that direction. However, Obama enlightened his Jewish host that even during the UN, US and EU ‘crippling sanctions’, Tehran was able to fund Hizbullah.

But the challenge that we’ve had, when it comes to Hizbullah, for example, aiming rockets into Israel is not a shortage of resources. Iran has shown to be willing, even in the midst of real hardship, to fund what they consider to be strategy priority. The challenge is us making sure that we have got the interdiction capacity, the intelligence, that we are building a much stronger defense against these proxy wars and asymmetric efforts,” Obama said.

Obama was not kidding. He promised recently that the US annual military aid to the Zionist regime would be increased to $4.5 billion in 2016 from the current $3 billion military aid.

Interestingly, Sopel didn’t ask Obama to explain why the US delivered $25 million worth of arms to Lebanese internal security forces (Lebanon doesn’t have a conventional Armed Force) or Saudi Arabia paying $3 billion to France to deliver arms to Lebanon, which Israel fears would fall into Hizbullah hands.

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, PhD, Lebanese academic and author, untold the US-Israel lie about Hizbullah receiving funds from Iranian government in an article published at al-Akhbar on July 31, 2012.

Tehran’s funding of Hezbollah remains one of Washington’s principal grievances against the Islamic Republic as demonstrated by its oft-repeated demand for Iran to end its “support of terror.” This demand is invariably made in the same breath as calls on the Islamic Republic to relinquish its nuclear program. As such, one could very plausibly argue that given the nuclear record of Washington’s allies, the US would be more than willing to turn a blind eye to Iran’s nuclear program were it not for its material and political support for resistance movements in the region. The problem for the US is not the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran as such; the problem is a nuclear-armed Iran which actively backs movements that resist Israel,” Saad-Ghorayeb said.

Saad-Ghorayeb explains that the so-called “Iranian funding” doesn’t come from the Iranian government but from some “religious charity organizations” administered by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s office.

According to Lebanese sources, Hizbullah profits $170-200 million annually from its investment in housing & commercial projects, banking institutions, travelling agencies, airport duty-free shops, construction firms and Beirut’s ‘Victory Museum’.

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