Movies glorify Jew criminals

Heroic: Yolande

Recently, two movies based on Zionist narratives of two “unsung heroes” of Zionism have been released. One is, Yolande: An Unsung Heroine’, based on the life of an Egyptian call girl (see photo above), who worked as a spy for the Jewish terrorist militia Haganah. The other is, The Imitation Game, based on the life of British Jew gay ‘engineering genius’ Alan Mathison Turing, who is credited with inventing a machine, which helped British intelligence to decode notorious Nazi ‘Enigma Communication Code’ – and thus helped Allied Forces to defeat Adolf Hitler.

Yolande’s grand-daughter, Miel de Botton, is producer of Yolande: An Unsung Heroine. Andrew Hodges, a British mathematician and gay rights activist, is producer of The Imitation Game.

Yolande Gabbai Harmer (1913-1959) was born to Turkish Jewish family living in Alexandria, Egypt. She married to a successful businessman Jacques de Botton at age 17. After she gave birth to a son, Gilbert, her husband divorced her due to her ‘objectionable” social activities. As a young beautiful divorcee, she became a darling of King Faruq’s court officials, high-ranking military officials and rich Arab sheikhs.

In 1945, Ms Harmer was introduced to Moshe Sharett, leader of Haganah terrorist militia, and latter second prime minister of the Zionist entity, in a Cairo club. Sharett was impressed by her charm and her ‘contacts’ in the high places. When she told him that not only she was Jewish, but also a dedicated Zionist – Sharett recruited her to work as a spy for Jewish terrorist groups. Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion visited her in Cairo in 1946 and in 1948.

Yollanda performed her assigned duties by acting as Honey-pot to extract information from her Arab and Turkish clients until her espionage ring was cracked by Muslim Brotherhood agents in 1948. She was arrested but thanks to her ‘admirers’, she was allowed to leave Egypt after spending a few months in jail. She went to France where she joined Israeli mission in Paris. She immigrated to Israel in 1954 where she was treated as a ‘useless whore’. Her son, Gilbert, the founder of Swiss-based Global Asset Management, used his wealth to bribe Jerusalem city council to name a city square after Yollande.

Alan Turing was arrested and came to trial on 31 March 1952, after the police learned of his sexual relationship with a young Manchester man. He made no serious denial or defence, instead telling everyone that he saw no wrong with his actions. Rather than go to prison he accepted, for the period of a year, injections of oestrogen intended to neutralise his libido.

A factor in his life unknown to most around him was that he had also continued to work for GCHQ, the post-war successor to Bletchley Park, on the basis of a personal connection with Alexander, now its director. But since 1948, the conditions of the Cold War, and the alliance with the United States, meant that known homosexuals had become ineligible for security clearance. Turing, now therefore excluded, spoke bitterly of this to his onetime wartime colleague, now MI6 engineer Donald Bayley, but to no other personal friends. State security also seems the likely cause of what he described as another intense crisis in March 1953, involving police searching for a visiting Norwegian who had come to see him. Concern over the foreign contacts of one acquainted with state secrets was understandable, and his holiday in Greece in 1953 could not have been calculated to calm the nerves of security officers,” says Andrew Hodges.

Alan Turing committed suicide by taking cyanide pills on June 8, 1954. He was 42.

2 responses to “Movies glorify Jew criminals

  1. So Turing was a criminal because he was homosexual? And this woman was a sex-worker (and not a “harem-girl”) so she was a criminal. too?
    I find your ‘logic’– and your interpretation of your religion’s ‘holy words’– execrable, in this instance. Divide and conquer, if you can… but it is a despicable tactic to an ultimately evil end.
    How do you feel about Boko Karam’s “sales” of captured teenage schoolgirls to those with enough money to buy them up, for the purposes of undesired (by those Girls!) sexual contact, ie rape? If I hear nothing, then that makes you no better than them… hypocrites.

    • First of all – “Harem-girl” and her children are legally entitled for family inheritance while “Honey Pots” are entitled for any such benefits. If you don’t believe me ask France’ former ‘First Lady’ Marie-Segolene Royal , who gave birth to Hollande’s four boys as his “live-in partner”.

      As far as same-sex marriage partners’ rights of inheritance are concerned – Jewish groups are running a campaign for the US Supreme Court to issue a ruling on that.

      The so-called ‘Boko Haram”, like al-Qaeda and ISIS, is also a Jewish creation co-operation from United states.

      A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing, my friend.

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