Jeremy Corbyn: Politician UK’s Jews hate the most

JeremyCorbyn_zpsad13ce99[1]On July 20, the Labour Friends of Israel, held a meeting at the Jewish occupied town of Hastings to scan the candidates hoping to fit in the shoes of party’s former Zionist Jew leader Ed Miliband. The meeting was chaired by Jonathan Freedland, executive editor The Guardian and columnist at the Jewish Chronicle.

Andy Burnham (Jewish), Yvette Cooper (Jewish), Jeremy Corbyn (Christian) and Liz Kendall (Jewish) attended the meeting to show their pro-Israel credentials.

According to the Jewish Chronicle (July 20, 2015) three-quarter of the session was focused on Israel. The representatives from UK’s largest Israel lobby group, Community Security Trust, Board of Deputies of British Jews, once headed by paedophile  Lord Janner, and local Jewish leaders grilled the candidates to find out how much they’re willing to serve Israel’s interests over British interests.

All candidates agreed that the Zionist entity has the ‘rights’ to exist over 54% of Palestinian land gifted to European Jews by the ‘victors of WW II’. They, except Corbyn, promised that as new leader of Labour Party, their first foreign trip would be to Israel.

The candidates were asked about their position on BDS movement, new Jewish settlements in the west Bank and East Jerusalem, Hamas and Hizbullah.

Most of these questions were focused on Corbyn, who is the front-runner according to a recent poll. But he is accused of antisemitism by the Jewish Lobby for calling Hamas and Hizbullah “Friends”. Listen below Corbyn’s clarification of his statement.

MP Corbyn, like former MP George Gallowy, have the bad habit of keep making political wrong statements. For example, in 2012, he demanded a probe into the evil influence of pro-Israel lobby groups over UK’s foreign policy particularly in the Muslim world.

Last year, American Jewish Congress’ mouthpiece, The Commentary, called MP Corbyn and former UK’s foreign secretary Jack Straw, who hangs from a Jewish tree, of being part of UK’s pro-Iran lobby. The two antisemites had criticized both Israel and Saudi Arabia for the bloodshed in the region to counter Iranian influence.

The UK’s Telegraph newspaper accused Corbyn receiving election funds from Iranians living in Britain. He is also accused of making a ‘free trip’ to Tehran, but refused to travel to Israel on an all-expense-paid trip offered by a Jewish lobbying group.

Paul Eisen, British writer, blogger and Holocaust denier, called Jeremy Corbyn: The Finest Man in British Politics.

James Forsyth wrote at Jewish The Spectator (July 15, 2015) that though Jeremy Corbyn has all the qualifications to bring a coup against ruling Tories – “he is unelectable”.

UK’s young writer, Rabbil Sikdar, says Jeremy Corbyn could be the leader British Muslims (2.8 million) have been waiting for.

In the 1990s, MP Jeremy Corbyn along with Jack Straw, Harriet Harman, Peter Hain, MP Diane Abbott and late MP Bernie Grant were spied on by London Police.

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  1. Daniel Margrain

    Another top post my friend. You might want to change “Hustings” to “Hastings”, Please take 5 minutes of your time to read this: I hope you like it.

    I enjoy your contributions on Craig Murray’s site Feel free to follow me.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Stoker's Blog and commented:
    I’d give it one more Parliament, after the Jews have moved out of London and/or UK to cause secessionist trouble in USofA with their Mormon monkees, and UKplc will have a fully NOAhide compliant Agenda21 funded Sharia caucus making sure nothing British is ever made law again.

    Just watch. That reference above to Corbyn being a muslim pin up is grooming.

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