German Jew politician: Germans are Nazis!

germany[2]Dr. Gregor Gysi, 67, (Jewish), leader of Germany’s third largest political party Die Linke since 2005, has called Germans NAZIS. He claimed that being Nazis, they can’t reproduce enough children – and thus have to depend on foreign immigrants. Listen to the idiot below.

Germany has the lowest birth rate (0.9%) among European Union nations, which is not enough to maintain current level of country’s 82.6 million population. Gysi showed his pleasure of ultimate extinction of German race for what they did to European Jews in the past.

After WW II, both Germanys had four million surplus women population and for a while both governments ignored polygamists in order to avoid widows and orphans forced to become prostitutes.

Each year, the German government spends billions of euros in an effort to stop the country’s ticking demographic time bomb. By 2050, it is estimated that only 70 million people will be living in the country, down from today’s roughly 82 million. Without a major change in the birthrate or a mass influx of up to 24 million new immigrants, the population could soon begin shrinking,” according to United Nations’ forecasts.

The Die Linke is an off-shoot of the Communist and Socialist parties from the Russian occupied former East Germany. Both parties were dominated by Zionist Jews who were pro-Israel and anti-immigration. Both parties refused to contribute a single penny to the Holocaust restitution fraud. West Germans under US occupation were force to pay the entire bill which has crossed $93 billion threshold by now.

Germany’s top newspaper, Der Spiegel magazine, had reported that even after the fall of Berlin Wall in November 1989, Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir, UK’s prime minister Margret Thatcher, French president Mitterrand, Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev, Dutch prime minister Ruud Lubbers, and Italy’s Giulio Andreotti issued statements opposing the unification of Germany – as they wanted German nation to perish for standing-up to world Jewish power.

Indeed, one of the few public utterances opposing German reunification comes from Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who speculates in an interview that if a reunified Germany, a country in which “the great majority of the German people decided to kill millions of Jewish people,” becomes “the strongest country in Europe, and maybe in the world, they will try to do it again.” But behind the closed doors of NATO and European Community conferences, the allies make it abundantly clear to the West Germans that they are adamantly opposed to allowing East Germany to perish,” said the magazine.

Strangely enough, US president George Bush Sr., remained neutral in the Germany’s unification debate in order not to offend Moscow.

German Chancellor Angela Markel, who grew-up in East Germany under Communist-Jewish rule, is the most popular European leader in Israel.

Germany is home to nearly 4 million Muslims – making it the second largest Muslim community after France (7-8 million). In January 2014, the Jewish Gladstone Institute, headed by the notorious anti-Muslim US envoy John R. Bolton, a Crypto Jew, predicted that if the rise in Muslim population is not challenge – Germany could become an ‘Islamic state’ by the end of the 21st century!

Dr. Murad Wilfried Hoffman, former German envoy, NATO director and author of several books, is no doubt the most famous German convert to Islam.

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