India refuses to share river water with Bangladesh

India Bangladesh water disputes

During Narendra Modi- Sheikh Hasina landmark meeting in Dhaka last month, Modi refused to discuss the Teesta water-sharing conflict between India and East Pakistan (Bangladesh) dating back to 1954.

On Monday, New Delhi unilaterally announced its decision to implement its controversial river linking project which would result in an acute shortage of water for Bangladeshi farmers.

Zafar Ahmed Khan, Secretary Bangladesh Water Ministry called Indian decision ‘unfortunate’, and said that the issue will be discussed with Indian counterpart through diplomatic channels. I guess, some idiots still believe that after delaying a compromise for 60 years, New Delhi is still sincere in resolving its water dispute with Dhaka.

India and Bangladesh share 54 rivers between them. So far, India has agreed to share water of only one river for the next 30 years.

The ambitious and controversial plan to interlink India’s 30 rivers, first mooted by former Hindutva prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee almost a decade ago when the country’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was last in power, is once again being pushed forward by the Narendra Modi-led Hindu extremist government – a move to destroy livelihood of India’s Muslim-majority neighboring nation.

Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid, an Indian agent, has failed to pursue India to negotiate the water sharing settlement of Teesta River at bilateral level.

India has been playing a similar (Indus Water Treaty in 1960) dirty game against Pakistan to destroy latter’s agriculture sector by constructing huge dams to store water flowing through four main rivers (Ravi, Chenab, Sutlej and Jhelum) – all originating from Indian occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir. India has been causing huge floods in Pakistan during rainy session by letting flood-water pass through these dams into Pakistan. India has done this against the rulings of the International Court of Arbitration.


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