UK: Jews don’t need to apologize for paedophile Janner

donkey[1]UK’s prime minister David Cameron, echoed by the corporate media, calls upon the millions of law-abiding Muslims in the UK to denounce and distance themselves from a few terrorist nutters with whom 99.99% of British Muslims have no connection anyway. That apparently is acceptable. But to ask that the Zionist and Jewish organizations denounce the long term criminal activities of the (Sir Greville Janner) man who actually led those organisations, is portrayed as unacceptable racism. This is a stinking double standard,” says Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, June 29, 2015.

The public outcry has forced Israel-First David Cameron to prosecute Sir Janner, former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, vice-President of the Association for Jewish Youth, vice-President of the Jewish Leadership Council, President of the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, on the Advisory Board of the Community Security Trust, Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust and Director of the United Jewish Israel Appeal, on 22 charges of historic child abuse.

Earlier, UK government refused to bring Janner, 87, to criminal court on the lame excuses of his suffering at Nazi camp and too ill with Alzheimer. It’s reported that a Westminster Magistrates Court will listen to charges against Janner on August 7, but he is not obliged to appear in the court, which would be too humiliating for a prominent pro-Israel Jew.

UK has a long history of ignoring pro-Israel child molesters and womanizers. For example, Sir Savile and Maajid Nawaz.

UK is totally controlled by the Organized Jewry; its political, educational, financial and religious sectors, media, sports, intelligence agencies, armed forces and police. London police department cooperates with armed Jewish neighborhood watch thugs (Shomrim) to ‘protect’ the heavily Jewish populated areas. Any such ‘Muslim neighborhood watch’ in Brantford, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Bedforshire and Tower Hamlets, home to majority of 2.8 million British Muslims would be considered infiltration of Hamas or Hizbullah.

Scotland Yard have announced that it will be moved out of the north London district of Golders Green – leaving it under Shomrim control – to Richmond Terrace near 10 Downing Street in central London.

British Home Secretary, Theresa May, is a Zionist enforcer.

Last month, Queen Elizabeth II and her royal escort visited Bergen-Belsen Nazi labor camp where Holocaust-hoaxer Ann Frank died.


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