Mossad hits Tunisian beach – kills 38 tourists

b20141008030427[1]In May 2015, I posted that Israel’s tourist ministry warned Israeli Jews to avoid attending LagBaOmer annual festival at El-Ghriba, in Tunisia – assuming that Israeli Mossad might be planning to carry-out a false flag operation to demonize Muslims around the world for hating Jews for just being Jews.

It seems Mossad changed the venue and attacked a beach in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse on June 26. The terrorist attack killed 38 foreign tourists and injured another 36. According to Tunisian security authorities, the victims were from Tunisia, UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Ireland.

The Jewish sources have not reported any Jew or Israeli among the victims of the attack. However, they’re the first ones to report that ISIS, an illegitimate Israeli child has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.

According to Tunisian news agency, three persons, one in police uniform, came by a boat, and carried out the shooting. One was killed, another arrested and the third escaped – how interesting!

In 1982, Mossad hit-team used a similar route to attack PLO headquarters in Tunis in order to assassinate PLO president Yasser Arafat. He was not in the building at that time. Instead the Israeli Jewish thugs murdered 56 Palestinian civilians. Israelis made six attempts on Yasser Arafat’s life and finally succeeded in their plot by poisoning him in a Paris hospital.

On February 20, 2015, American Jewish ambassador Jacob Walles was expelled from Tunisian presidential palace. American Jewish groups called Tunisian president Beji Essebsi, an ‘antisemite’ for doing that. Recently, Walles angered Essebsi by demanding permission to build a US military base in Tunisia to defend the Zionist entity from a ‘nuclear Iran’.

Well, Tunisia needed to be punished for hating Jews – an it got a visit from Israeli trained ISIS gunmen.

The fact is that the criminal and psychotic state of Israel and their dumb ass minions occupying the US Government have been searching for a new way of getting their nice little attack against Syria going, and look out, here is this “ISIS” attack in Tunisia to sway world opinion to the idea that an attack on Syria is now needed to “wipe out” the FRAUD “ISIS” threat!  Watch for this, for the call for the invasion of Syria is definitely coming,” wrote Canadian blogger Northern Truth Seeker on June 26, 2015.


2 responses to “Mossad hits Tunisian beach – kills 38 tourists

  1. Muslims are proudly murdering one another all over the world.
    Yemen, Aleppo, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc…
    Stop with your madness. The Israelis are busy with creating medicines and space technology with India and the USA, while the Muslims are just trying to find ways to murder other types of Muslims and, of course, Infidels.

    • And what your Zionist Jewish filth is doing in Israel other than murdering 100,000 Arab Jews, daily knife stabbing, false-flag operations around the world, White female sex-slavery, adding more ‘whore houses’ to the existing 280 in Tel Aviv, stealing human body parts, shooting children and using them as human shields, lying about their history of collaborating with Nazis – in addition to bribing foreign politicians to wage wars on Muslim countries.

      Israelis are only famous for stealing technologies from European nations – from medicine, nuclear to armament.

      Here is what Muslims have achieved in scientific research Bibi …..

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