Jewish Lobby honors Ontario premier Wynne

CIJA-protest-image[1]On June 22, 2015, Canada’s powerful Jewish Lobby, the Center for Israel and Jewish affairs (CIJA) honored Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, Canada, with its Words & Deeds Leadership Award at a gala dinner at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel attended by nearly 700 supporters of baby killer Israelis including Justin Trudeau, national leader of Wynne’s Liberal party.

Many of you have asked me this question so many times and I haven’t been able to give a concrete answer,” she said.  “But I’m happy to tell you I will lead this mission and will be joined by a delegation of business together. We’ll meet with leaders from business and government and will deepen our partnership and find areas of further collaboration between Ontario and Israel,” Wynne said while accepting the award.

Earlier, Ontarians representing eight organizations had voiced their strong opposition to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s acceptance of an award from the CIJA. The organization serves as a lobbying group for the Israeli government in Canada, while also claiming to represent Canadian Jews.

I think CIJA have some good reasons to honor Ms Wynne. After all, she do have some Jewish family values. For one thing, Wynne is the first openly lesbian premier of Ontario – and certainly very proud of what she is. Earlier this month, addressing the Day of Pink at Agincourt Collegiate Institute, she said that as a lesbian premier she feels an extra responsibility to help people embrace their sexuality free of discrimination.

American Jewish lesbian professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York) also proudly claims that LGBT rights movment is Jewish.

Kathleen Wynne has recently announced that in the fall of 2015, she will reintroduce the graphic Sex Ed Curriculum that had outraged parents in 2010. A majority of teachers, Catholic and Muslim parents fear that Ms Wynne’s agenda will corrupt young children and destroy family lives.

Prostitution, pornography and Casinos are all monopolized by the Organized Jewry. Porn is a favorite weapon of western colonizers. When Israelis took over Palestinian TV stations in the West Bank, they broadcasted porn. Same happened during the US occupation of Iraq. It’s important to remember that with the exception of Israel, pornography is illegal in every other country in the region.


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