Is John Kerry about to be fired?

john_kerry[1]The Jewish media is full of ‘predictions’ about the fate of John (Cohen) Kerry, 71, one of Israel’s favorite boys in Obama administration. It’s almost ten days, since the Jewish media had reported on Kerry’s activities including his face-to-face talk with his Iranian counterpart, Dr. Javad Zarif.

It’s rumored, Kerry is in a hospital recuperating from a bike fall. Some says he is in a Swiss hospital as result of ‘snow game injury’. Some say Kerry has become a victim of Obama’s kitchen politics – and could be replaced by the his assistant, the Jewish hawk victoria Nuland.

If Nuland gets Kerry’s post – it would be a great victory for AIPAC and Netanyahu. It would also provide more fuel to US war on Russia and Iran.

It seems Obama’s senior national security adviser, Dr. Susan Rice, a Zionist Christian warmonger, has convinced her boss that John (Cohen) Kerry is not the hawk he needs to start a war with Iran or other enemies of Israel. Susan Rice played a major role in urging a ‘humanitarian war’ on Libya. She also got Chuck Hagel, former secretary of defense, fired for not agreeing to attack Syria for Israel.

Victoria Nuland, as No.2 at the US State Department has earned the nickname Devil in detail by masterminding an anti-Russia coup in Ukraine. She is also involved in regime changes in Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.

On May 21, 2015, anti-Muslim David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine condemned John Kerry for going soft on western sanctions against Russia.

I believe, John Kerry suffered his greatest political humiliation at the hands of a fellow Jew, Benjamin Netanyahu, who refused to buy Kerry’s proposal of a ‘toothless’ Palestinian state even after the poor chap visited Tel Aviv dozens of times to polish Netanyahu’s shoes. Instead being sanctioned by the White House, as it did to Iran, Syria, Sudan, China, Russia, Yemen, North Korea, Belarus, Cuba, etc. – the Zionist entity kept receiving $3+ billion military aid per year plus veto protection at the UNSC.


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