Survey: French like Muslims more since #Charlie Hebdo

Despite French Zionist-controlled regime and Jewish Lobby Islam bashing, a new survey conducted by US-based PEW Research Center claimed on June 4, 2015 that “ratings of Muslims rise in France after Charlie Hebdo, just as in US after 9/11.”

It seems a great majority of French like Americans have come to realize that in both cases, it was Israel that benefited the most over the expense of Muslims. Read here and here.

The new Pew survey found that 76% of people in France say they have a “favorable view” of Muslims living in their country, similar to the 72% registered in 2014.

Meanwhile, the percentage with a “very favorable opinion” of Muslims has increased significantly, rising from 14% last year to 25% today.

Attitudes toward Muslims tend to be more positive on the political left in France, but ratings improved across the ideological spectrum.

The survey would provide another good reason for Netanyahu to blame French Muslims for the cancellation of French-Israel telecommunication cooperation by Paris-based Orange Telecom with Israel-based  Partner Communications Ltd., owned by American billionaire Haim Saban of Brookings Institute.

The company’s president and CEO, Stephane Richard has claimed that the decision is based over business (with Muslim world) than Israeli occupation.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu has threatened French president Hollande, saying, “I will never forget it.” I think France could be expecting another ‘terrorist’ visit from Israeli Mossad in the near future.

On February 6, 2014, Brian Eads whined at Jewish Newsweek that a great majority of French hates Jews. Why? Because, according to the idiot; they adore French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who supports Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran. Watch a video below.

Last year, French Jewish Lobby, CRIF, claimed that nearly 80% of 500,000 French Jews are thinking of leaving France as result of ‘horrible increase’ in anti-Semitic attacks. However, I’m waiting for French Jew “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Levy to confirm how many Jews have really left France as result of six million French Muslims’ hatred of Israel.

Muslim army occupied some parts of France between 716 and 731. Before the rise of Jewish power in France in late 1900s, Turban and hijab were common headdresses in Paris streets and Muslims were not called “terrorists”. Some historians claim that French emperor Napoleon Bonaporte studied life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Holy Qur’an and converted to Islam – and took the name of Ali Bonaparte.

Since WW II, France has lost its Muslim colonies with the exception of Mayotte – a 144 sq. mile island in Camoros (Africa) with 100% Muslim population of 131,000.


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