Ireland: Hindu gay minister overjoyed

Ireland[1]Christianity was defeated in Ireland two weeks ago when more than 60% of Irish citizen voted in a referendum to enshrine same-sex marriage in country’s Constitution.

Dr. Leo Varadkar, 36, (born to a Indian father and an Irish mother), Ireland’s Health Minister, an open gay himself, declared the results of the referendum as “beacon of light to the rest of the world.”

People from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in Ireland are a minority. But with our parents, our families, or friends and co-workers and colleagues, we’re a majority,” said Varadkar, who watched the votes being tabulated at the County Dublin ballot center. For me it wasn’t just a referendum. It was more like a social revolution,” Varadkar said.

Varadkar’s “social revolution” reminded me how the transvaluation of values corrupted Weimar Germany before it’s destroyed in 1944.

India-based Muslim physician and author of several books on hygiene and health, Dr. Javed Jamil in an article published in the Milli Gazette on May 25, 2015 has criticized the Irish decision based on religious and health grounds.

Normal hygienic and healthy behaviors are important components of civilization. Perversions cannot be but the antidote of civilization. The perversions that threaten the lives of individuals and peaceful survival of the most notable natural institution of family cannot be described anything but barbarism at its worst. What can then be said of the “Civilized World” that safeguards, promotes and commercializes the Sexual perversion of the most abominable kind and the most life threatening – the Homosexuality?,” Dr. Jamil said.

The attempt to legalize Homosexuality is nothing but the continuation of the same series of worldwide strategies of “development” in which every human susceptibility is first given a legal and social sanction, then it is glorified in the media as a victory of ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Human Rights’ and then with all the obstacles removed it is commercialized at huge level,” Dr. Jamil said.

But the truth remains that the economics of homosexuality cannot cover for the menace, which homosexuality is. The attempts to legalize homosexuality are shocking. This is like legalizing murders, terrorism and rapes. Homosexuality is in fact much more dangerous than any of these, as it has led, leads to and can lead to a much bigger loss of life,” claimed Jamil.

By legalizing gay marriages, homosexuality is being sought to be institutionalized. Otherwise what can explain why on the one hand marriages in general are being discouraged and on the other hand gay marriages are being aggressively promoted? This is surely aimed at boosting the population of gays. The children growing in the company of their gay ‘parents’ will have bigger chances of succumbing to homosexual tendencies than the normal population. Moreover, these ‘parents’ cannot be a replacement of natural parents. Their love for their ‘children’ is not natural. The affection between parents and children can never be as fruitful as between the natural parents and children; and the probability of child abuse will surely be much greater,” adds Dr. Jamil.

To say that homosexuality is natural is like saying criminal tendencies are natural. These are not natural but human aberrations of most dangerous kind. Such aberrations are present in notorious criminals also. Can the crimes be legalized to help them? Can they be given protection by the law on the ground of not discriminating against persons? Even otherwise, homosexuality is a relationship that does not produce any progeny. So genes if any related to hardcore unadulterated homosexuality cannot be transmitted. Even if it is accepted as natural, it remains an anomaly like many other congenital diseases. The anomalies and diseases need treatment and counselling rather than acceptance and encouragement,” concludes Dr. Jamil.


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