Netanyahu: BDS = Blood Libel

Benjamin Netanyahu like the world-renowned Holohoaxer, Elie Wiesel, is a very paranoid person. He has a long record of celebrating his ‘achievements’ by creating other Zionist hoaxes, in support of one of history’s biggest hoaxes: World hate Jews for being Jews.

Take for example, after succeeding in buying Abbas to kill FIFA suspension, Netanyahu lamented to his extremist Jew cabinet ministers that the BDS movement agenda is to make the world hate Jews as the European Christians used to accuse Jews for abducting and murdering Christian kids as part of Jewish ritual scarifice (the Blood Libel).

I don’t know who is right; Catholics who still believe in the Blood Libel stories – or the Organized Jewry which is known for lying most of the times.

Back to Netanyahu’s propaganda about BDS movement being another way to show hatred toward ‘peace-loving’ Israeli Jews – I have proved in earlier posts  (here and here) that the BDS movement in fact legitimizes the Jewish occupation of 78% of historic Arab Palestine.

In March 2015, even German Bundestag (Parliament) rejected Green Party’s motion to declare the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) being anti-Semitic.

Dr. Chomsky and Dr. Finkelstein, two world renowned pro-Palestine Jewish human-right activists have called BDS “hypocrisy” and against Palestinian cause. On the other hand, Israeli-born British author Gilad Atzmon and Canadian Jewish journalist and author Eric Walberg claim that BDS is a platform to divert world attention away from Jewish occupation of Palestine. Watch the debate below.

On May 30, 2015, Gilad Atzmon posted an article exposing his ‘brainwashed’ BDS critics like the Dissident Voice chief editor Kim Peterson and US-Iraqi activist B.J. Sabri.


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