Canadian Catholic teen becomes Islamic scholar

An enemy of one religion is enemy of all religions, said Dr. John Morrow.

Born into a French-speaking Montreal (Quebec, Canada) Catholic family, John Andrew Morrow, converted to Islam at age 16. Now the 44-year-old Canadian is a professor, Islamic scholar (alim), religious speaker and author of several books. In addition to his mother-tongue French, Dr. Morrow is also fluent in Arabic, Spanish, Italian and English.

Dr. Morrow is author of the 2014 book, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World. Read a review of the book here.

Dr. Morrow presented a copy of the book to kosher Pope Francis.

During a talk with Dr. Kevin Barrett at the Truth Jihad radio show, Dr. Morrow debunked the western claim that ISIS/ISIL belongs to Sunni Islam. He said they’re hired mercenaries and have nothing to do with any branch of true Islamic faith.

In December 2014, Dr. Morrow in an interview with Catholic scholar, Craig Considine, PhD, narrated his spiritual journey from Catholic Church to Islam.

Watch Dr. Morrow at Goldie show below.


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