Green Party: Khadr has more class than Harper cabinet

On the weekend, Zionist pundits working for all major Canadian Jewish media outlets predicted that Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s support for the ‘child prisoner’, Omar Khadr, 28, will destroy the party. Khadr was released on May 7 after spending half of his life in the US and Canadian jails as Zionists’ ‘War on Islam’ scapegoat for being a Palestinian-Canadian Muslim who visited his grandparents in Afghanistan.

Elizabeth May during a 10-minutes speech at the annual Press Gallery Dinner in Ottawa on Saturday before she was ushered off stage by Stephen Harper’s transport minister Lisa Raitt, said: “Omar Khadr has more class than the whole f**king cabinet.” Harper stopped attending the said dinner since he was elected Israeli ‘pro-consul’ in Ottawa.

Her Khadr remark exposed Harper government’s US-Israel butt-licking policies. Ottawa always refused to rescue a Canadian citizen’s being tortured and rapped at the notorious Guantanamo Bay concentration prison. Just imagine Obama-Harper’s reaction if Omar Khadr had been Jewish. May’s remark was condemned by all the Jew-occupied major four political parties and the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

On Monday, May apologized for her “humorous remark about the federal cabinet.” She also pointed out that she had attended previous press gallery dinners where other politicians had also made jokes that were never criticized.

Elizabeth May was born in United States. She received Canadian citizenship in 1978. She became Green party’s first elected member of Canadian parliament. Her criticism of the Zionist regime in parliament and outside made her a dangerous person in the eyes of former Canadian Jewish Congress.

On May 7, 2015, Court of Appeal Justice Myra Bielby ordered Khadr’s release and rejected the Canadian government’s emergency request to stop his release. A lower court judge granted him bail last month. Washington supported Ottawa position on Khadr.

Speaking at a press conference Friday, Stephen Harper once again denounced Khadr and declared the government’s support for the pseudo-legal process to which he was subjected and under which he could potentially have been sentenced to death. “Mr. Khadr, as we all know,” declared Harper, “pled guilty to very grave crimes, including murder.”

May has refused to step-down from Green Party leadership as demanded by the Jewish Lobby – or back-down from her praise for Omar Khadr.

Elizabeth May is showing some courage similar to British Baroness Tonge. Last year, she criticized Green party Jewish president Paul Estrin for writing an editorial blaming democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza for attacking Israel. Paul Estrin was forced to resign last year – something Jewish Lobby could not take sitting down.

Now Liz May is running a campaign against Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51, the hate speech law, which government critics say Harper intends to use against the critics of the Zionist entity.

Elizabeth May, who leads a party of one, has been the strongest, most energetic voice of opposition in the House of Commons,” says Greg Felton, Canadian writer, author and blogger.

Last year, Monika Schaefer, a former Green Party candidate from Alberta, in an open letter warned Elizabeth May of Israeli moles in her party.


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