Dallas shooting: Another Jewish Hoax


Freedom+of+Speech[1]On May 3, 2015, a anti-Islam Danish cartoon exhibition was held at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Dallas. The contest was hosted by New York-based anti-Muslim Jewish group, American Defense Freedom Initiative, headed by Jewish Pam Gueller, who is behind the pro-Israel, anti-Islam advertisement on New York buses.

Gueller’s claim that Holy Qur’an calls for “killing of Jews” is laughable as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married two young widows of noble Jewish families. The Bible, however, does call for the murder of all Jews who reject Jesus.

According to the official story, two gunmen showed up at the so-called ‘freedom of expression’ event and started shooting at the civilized Americans enjoying the Charlie Hebdo reprints of Danish cartoon. However, the assailants  missed the two dozen visitors to the exhibition, and were killed by the local police protecting the Bible’s ‘Chosen People’. Watch a video to enjoy this latest Jewish hoax.

In the Zionist-controlled West, if you mock the founders of Islam and Christianity, you are hailed as the Champion of the so-called ‘freedom of expression’. But if you dare to even question the validity of the ‘Six Million Died’ myth, you will be sent to jail for three years.

The Jewish-controlled mainstream media even found the culprit behind the shooting – the ISIS, a CIA-Mossad creation.

Independent investigative reporters have found out that shooter Elton Simpson and his accomplice were both on FBI payroll.

On May 4, Michael Hoffman, American historian and author of several books on Judaism including a comic book, Tales of the Holohoax, has commented on this latest anti-Muslim terrorist event, entitled, What is Sacred to Americans?.

In the US there is that right in theory, but in fact those who satirize the Talmud, the Holy State of Counterfeit “Israel,” and those miraculous execution gas chambers, most likely won’t be able find a hall or building to rent for an exhibition; they won’t have police protection or a well-funded New York freedom of expression organization behind them. What is the use of a right if one can’t exercise it? The level of demonization of Holocaust satirists is so savage it mostly preempts our right to any meaningful exercise of freedom of the press. So which is more sacred: the fake homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau, or the person of Muhammad? There’s no contest. Holocaustianity is the informal civic religion of the West; the last truly believed religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Woe to those who would even think of mocking it, Hoffman wrote.

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