Tunisia: Is Mossad planning to attack Jewish festival

Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that Israel had learned of a ‘concrete threats’ of terrorist attack against Israeli tourists visiting Tunisia to attend annual LagBaOmer festival at El-Ghriba, Africa’s oldest synagogue, built in 586 BC. It is located in the village of Hara Sghira in Djerba, an island off the coast of southern Tunisia. Djerba is home to many of the roughly 2000 Jews who live in Tunisia. Watch a video below.

As result, Israel’s ministry of tourism has asked Israeli tourists to keep away from the Muslim-majority African nation to save themselves from the expected terrorist attack. An estimated 2000 Jewish pilgrims from across Tunisia and abroad – primarily France and Israel are expected to attend the annual pilgrimage on May 6 and 7 to the Ghriba synagogue.

The Ghriba synagogue’s main attraction is a stone said to be brought from the Temple of Solomon destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. The stone is kept in a grotto at the synagogue. Only women and children are allowed to descend into the grotto to place eggs scrawled with wishful messages on them.

The present-day so-called Temple of Mount has nothing to do with the original Temple of Solomon. The so-called Temple of Mount or the so-called Wailing Wall are just myths created by Zionist Mafia to eradicate 1200-old Islamic history in Jerusalem. British Bishop Stephen Sizer claims the Bible doesn’t call for the rebuilding the Temple of Solomon.

Israel has a long history of terrorism in Tunisia. Mossad agents have long infiltrated the country’s intelligence and security services during Habib Bourguiba’s dictatorship. In 1985, Israelis bombed PLO headquarters south of Tunis, killing 56 Palestinian officials and fighters.

On April 11, 2002, Israeli Mossad pasty Tunisian Nizar Nauar, parked a fuel truck in front of El-Ghriba synagogue. The explosion killed 14 German, 5 Tunisian, 2 French tourists, but no Jew. The US and Israel blamed Al-Qaeda, a US creation.

The shooting at the National Bardo Museum in Tunis in March 2015 that killed 21 foreign tourist, but no Jew, was also a CIA-Mossad false flag operation.

The so-called Arab Spring that dumped the pro-US Islamophobe Tunisian dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, is now ruled by his right-hand man, Beji Caid Essebsi. Essebsi government has slammed Netanyahu for his fear-mongering. In an official statement, Tunisian government has assured the local Jewish community and Jewish pilgrims arriving to attend the LagBaOmer festival that “Jews are more safe in Tunisia than any country in the world.”

In February 2015, Essebsi expelled Jacob Walles (Jewish), US ambassador in Tunis from the presidential palace when the latter tried to bribe the president with additional USAID in return for a military base in Tunisia. Walles as US consul general in Israel played a major role in Fatah coup against Hamas in 2007.

Like the 25,000 Iranian Jews, Tunisian Jewish community of nearly 2,000, is very nationalist. In 2012, one of them told BBC’s Wyre Davies: “I’m not stupid to immigrate to Israel“.


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