Nepal and Israel’s ‘surrogate baby industry’

Nepal’s recent earthquake has exposed another Israel’s secret to fight the Arab demographic ‘existential’ threat. On Tuesday, two Israeli planes landed at Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion airport carrying hundreds of tourists and Jew gays including 26 Israeli babies for Jew same-sex couples from Kathmandu. The babies were given birth by Nepalese and Indian Hindu mothers.

Under Israeli law only married heterosexual couples can use surrogacy in Israel. Same-sex couples and single parents are required to travel overseas and to enter into international surrogacy agreements, incurring extra costs and facing legal complications.

Russia, Thailand and India have been destination of Israeli same-sex couples in the past. Israelis have used surrogacy practice in several western countries but found it very expensive. Many Asian and Western countries have banned commercial surrogacy, and it can cost up to $150,000 in United States and Canada but only $30,000 in Nepal.

Once India was the home of Israeli surrogacy abroad. But over time, the Indian government tightened regulations and made it increasingly difficult for foreigners to work with Indian surrogate mothers inside of the country. Now, an Israeli company called Tammuz International Surrogacy frequently sends couples locked out of surrogacy in Israel to Nepal that it claims the safest destination. The Agence Free Presse (AFP) has reported that a Zionist regime’s minister was at the airport to welcome the Israeli babies.

On April 28, the Jewish Daily Forward reported that while Israeli government scrambled to evacuate 26 newborn Israeli babies and their same-sex parents from Nepal, a further 100 women, some Nepalese, some Indians, are still carrying babies for the same-sex Israeli Jew couples. The Israeli attorney-general Yahuda Weinstein said he would allow the most heavily pregnant to be flown to Israel to give birth to the baby. The immigration minister, Gilad Erdan has promised to relax immigration rules for the rest of the surrogate mothers.

How ‘humanitarian’ of Israeli Jews who have killed a Palestinian child every three day for the last 13 years.

An Opinion piece in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz accused Israeli public of showing selective empathy for focusing only on the surrogate Jewish babies, and not the Hindu women who carried them.

How can it be that none of the human interest stories or compassion-filled posts mentioned these women, who came from a difficult socioeconomic background to rent their wombs – who now, like the babies they’ve just had, are also stuck in the disaster zone?, writer Alon-Lee Green asked.

Forget about the third world poor countries – surrogacy like Jewish-controlled abortion industry has become a Cash Cow for many American women, with or without children.

Hiring a womb is a recent phenomenon that is totally against Islamic law because it involves using donor sperm, foreign element, in womb of a woman which results in mixes of lineage. Canadian Islamic scholar, Dr. Ahmad Kutty says that introduction of a male sperm into the uterus of a woman he is not married is sort of adultery.

A surrogate baby given birth by a non-Jew woman cannot be a Jew according to Jewish Halakha (Shari’ah) because in Judaism lineage goes by mother’s faith.


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