Muhammad Ali still chased by Jewish Lobby

MuhammadAli7[1]Jewish professional propagandists always see Muslim hands behind peopleshatred of Zionist Jews as result of their racism, aggressive nature, and support for the criminal state of Israel. The latest example is Gerald Eskenazi’s take on Muhammad Ali, the undisputed King of world boxing for not only his winning boxing championship several times but his boxing style and his humor in the ring and on TV.

Organized Jewry hate anyone, even fellow Jews, who criticizes Jewish racism, Zionist entity, Holocaust or even associated with groups which the Jewish Lobby hates. Read here, here, here and here.

Muhammad Ali is not a politician, academic or an Islamic cleric. He was a sportsman since his childhood. So why the Organized Jewry hates him? Well, it’s basically rooted in Jewish hatred of Blacks and major Jewish role in African slavery – and Muhammad Ali’s former links with Nation of Islam, particularly its leader Louis Farrakhan.

It’s no secret that most of major sports leagues and international sports bodies are controlled by Jewish elites. I remember how much mess the Jewish-controlled media made when Shahid Khan became the very first Muslim owner of a major NFL team in December 2011.

In an article published in the Jewish Daily Forward on April 28, 2015, Gerald Eskenazi, a 44-year veteran sport writer at the Jew York Times, tried in vain to portray Ali being an anti-Semite, based on soccer fans in the Dutch town of Utrecht chanting Hamas, Hamas – Jews to the gas a few weeks ago while watching Ajax FC playing against home team. I can bet my Canadain dollar – there are more chances that Ali being having Semite roots than Eskenazi.

We all know, there a bad blood feud going on between the Dutch nationalists and Israel. In 2012, former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt said Israel should have been in Germany and not in Palestine. On March 20, 2011, ADO Den Haag soccer team from Amsterdam defeated the mighty Ajax FC. The prominent ADO Den Haag football player Lex Immers greeted the fans by singing we will hunt the Jews and everybody sang along. What followed was a huge outcry in the media and accusations of anti-Semitism, because the singing was taped and circulated on YouTube. The Dutch Royal Football League KNVB suspended Immers for four successive games. Immers was not calling for putting the Jews in gas chambers, but he was talking about Ajax FC players, most of whom have Jewish family roots. The chairmen of Ajax are usually Jewish, like Michael van Praag and Uri Coronel. Although the majority of the supporters of Ajax are native Dutch, they wear the Star of Zion, sing Jewish songs and wave Israeli flag.

Eskenazi says once he had discussion with young Muhammad Ali. He was talking about empowerment and how historically Blacks in America had been kept down.

“Look at the Jews,” Ali said, “they were barred from the Miami Beach. So what did they do? They bought the place.” How rude of Ali making fun of Bible’s ‘Chosen People’!

On January 31, 2013 – veteran Israeli journalist and author, Gideon Levy, wrote at daily Ha’aretz: “When (Israel’s new rising politician) Yair Lapid says he admires Muhammad Ali, he should remember why Ali became a role model. The boxer was a courageous conscientious objector, exactly the kind that Lapid, would surely find appalling“.

Former US president Dubya George Bush honored Muhammad Ali with country’s highest civilian award in 2005, and called him ‘American Ambassador to the World’.

Muhammad Ali is one of America’s top philanthropist. He donates one million meals per year to poor people in Africa. On December 27, 1975, The Jewish Week, reported that Ali gave $100,000 donation to the Jewish Self-Help Community Services Hillside Aged Program of Washington Heights, New York.

In 1996, Ali donated $50,000 toward the Foundation for Education and Disarmament’s fund for fighting Parkinson’s disease in Cuba. In 1998, Ali along with Hollywood Jewish actor Edward David Asner (Mary Tyler Moore comedy show), revisited Cuba to deliver $1.2 million worth medical supplies. Ali met Cuban president Fidel Castro, who said that Ali’s visit proved American, in general, hate their government’s sanctions against Cuba.

In 2002, Jim Dasney, who covered Pope John Paul II visit to Muslim-majority Azerbaijan, wrote: Seeing the Pope up so close, reminded of Muhammad Ali. Just like the great boxer, John Paul II commands great respect and love.

Professor John C. Walter (University of Washington, Seattle) posted a great investigative article at ARNet on January 18, 2013 – summarizing the career of former world boxing champion, Muhammad Ali in these words: “Muhammad Ali was more that an outstanding athelte: he was a catalyst for social change, a model for possitive imitation, an inspiration to generations of people of all races worldwide“. Read the article here.



3 responses to “Muhammad Ali still chased by Jewish Lobby

  1. “Ali gave $100,000 donation to the Jewish Self-Help Community Services”
    If it’s “self-help” why mooch? Was Wall Street hard up?

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