Israel’s ‘Cash-for-Refugees’ deals

If you think Israeli Jews hate Black people based on the Jewish monoply over African slavery in the past – you’re much closer to reality than you thought.

In the past, as slave traders, Jews used to accept gold-coins in exchange for African slaves. Now, the so-called “moral Jews” in Israel have come up with a new mode of exchange. The Zionist regime is currently offering its African refugees as CASH in exchange for multi-million dollars arms sale and other financial incentives to African nations.

Last week, Israeli media reported that Netanyahu regime has offered its African allies to accept African refugees, mostly from Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea, in return for Israeli arms, mostly received as part of America’s $3 billion annual military aid to Tel Aviv.

On April 2, The East African newspaper reported that Rwandan President Paul Kagame, a war criminal and the Zionist regime have inked an agreement which will allow the apartheid regime to export thousands of its African refugees  to Rwanda in exchange for favorable contracts including arms sale. A similar deal was materialized between Israel and Uganda last year.

Netanyahu has called these 55,000 African refugees “illegal infiltrators looking for work.” Ironically, the Zionist regime was one of the co-sponsors of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention when it needed Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union.

Israel has a long history of applying terrorism and propagating lies to force Jews and Christians to immigrate to occupied Palestine in order to escape Muslim persecution in Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Albania, Yemen and Morocco. After using these new immigrants as PR against Muslim world and cash-cow the rich among them – the successive Zionist regimes began to treat the majority of the colored immigrants especially the non-Jewish African population as a demographic threat, or worse.

Assaf Vitzan, an Israeli lawyer, who works for the African refugees, is trying to prevent his clients’ imprisonment or used as cash.

No Sudanese had their refugee status recognized. Two Eritreans out of 10,000 had their refugee status recognized. The situation is really terrible,” Vitzan said.

In 2008, then prime minister Ehud Olmert offered to pay various African nations $1,000-$1,500 per refugee. The Israeli financial daily Globes reported in June 2008 that the decision was made to try and sell the refugees to African countries. Following the decision, the Foreign Ministry turned to every African nation with which Israel has diplomatic relations, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, the Ivory Coast, and Benin, and offered to pay for taking in the thousands of refugees who came to Israel.

While during Olmert’s leadership the African states refused, Netanyahu made them a better offer. In 2009, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited several African states, including Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, with an entourage of arms dealers. While no deal was signed on the trip, his deputy, Danny Ayalon, continued the visits. Then, in 2012, Netanyahu appointed a special envoy, former Mossad agent Hagai Hadas, who was a key negotiator in the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Hadas made a number of undisclosed trips, this time offering $8,000 per refugee and a trade package including agricultural training, technology, and arms. When the Israeli daily Haaretz succeeded in lifting a gag order on the deal in August last year, it was revealed that the country to which the government intends to ship the refugees was indeed Uganda. This week, Haaretz revealed some refugees are also finding themselves in Rwanda.

Watch African refugees protesting in the Zionist entity below.


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