Saying ‘the little Russian’ is antisemitism in Argentina


On Wednesday, Sergio Widder, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (an Israel lobby group) director for Latin America demanded that Luis Barrionuevo, head of Argentine Blue and White CGT union apologize to the Jewish community for calling country’s Minister of the Economy, professor Axel Kicillof, el Rusito (meaning ‘the little Russian’).

Luis Barrionuevo uttered that horrible pharase during a radio interview on Wednesday while discussing a national general strike initiated the previous day by his union. Widder claims that Russian is a popular slang term used to refer to Jews in Argentina based on Jewish role in the Bolshevic Revolution and control over Soviet regime.

Alerted by the show’s host, Ernesto Tenembaum, that the language was offensive, Barrionuevo justified it by saying, “That’s how his Cabinet colleagues refer to him.” Cabinet chief Anibal Fernandez responded by saying in his daily meeting with journalists that “the little Russian is a brilliant minister.”

Ironically, Axel is a Marxist Jew. He is son of Daniel Kicillof and Nora Barenstein, both non-practicing liberal Ashkenazi Jews.

Argentine’s foreign minister, Hector Timerman, is a practicing Jew. Dr. Alejandro Ceballos, former Argentine foreign minister was member of the Zionist movement during WW II and later became a staunch supporter of the Zionist entity.

Antisemitism has always been a controversial term for the last 2000 years. In Christian West, an anti-Semite was one who hated the Organized Jewry. Since late 19th century antisemites are those who are hated by the Organized Jewry. However, since the western powers creation of the state of Israel to solve Europe’s centuries-old ‘Jewish Problem’ – antisemitism has become a major tool to silence Israel’s critics – both Jewish and non-Jewish. A few years ago, former Israeli cabinet minister Shulamit Aloni admitted on Democracy Now! that Jewish Lobby uses anti-Semitism label to silence Israel’s critics.

Were German and Italian fascists anti-Semites? I doubt very much. Hitler was surrounded by Jewish advisers and women. Mussolini’s principal mistress until 1930s, Margherita Sarfatti, was 101% Jewish.

Allan C. Brownfeld, editor of Jewish journal Issues (May 2014) wrote: Anti-Semitism, traditionally having meant hostility to Jews and Judaism – despite the fact that Arabs themselves are Semites – was long ago recast by the organized Jewish community to mean criticism of Israel. When that criticism comes from Jews, as it increasingly does, such critics are dismissed as “self-hating Jew”.

Read Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD article, The Riddle of Antisemitism, here.

And finally listen to American Jewish writer Max Blumenthal how he define below the great importance of anti-Semitism for the Zionist entity.


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