Southampton University bows to Jewish Lobby

southampton+university[1]Last month I reported that University of Southampton (UK) was being chased by country’s power Jewish lobby groups for planning to hold a conference to debate a very anti-kosher subject, International Law and State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism, on April 17-19, 2015.

Well, as myself and one of the speakers, professor Richard Falk, doubted that the university management, occupied by Zionist Jews, would have balls to stand-up to pressure from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which is even more powerful than its American sister AIPAC.

In February 2015, Israeli ambassador Matthew Gould held a meeting with heads of UK universities to outline the limits of freedom of speech at campus.

I was right. On March 31, 2015, the scared Campus management informed the organizer of the event, Israeli-born professor Oren Ben-Dor that it has decided to cancel the conference based on its lack of resources to protect the participants from Zionist hooligans.

Professor Thomas Scotto (University of Essex) commented on Southampton University’s cowardliness: “So this is what it has come to. Basically, if you take sides on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the thing to do to win an intellectual argument is organize a mob, shout down speakers, lobby universities to cancel conferences on grounds of health and safety regulations, etc. Both sides seem to agree that shouting down one another is the appropriate tactic. They are often absolutely sure their side is in the right, yet panic when other ideas are floated. I guess the closest thing to a resolution of the conflict we have at the moment are the tactics appropriate for engaging with the other side (bullying, shouting, etc.). Sad times for people who like to debate ideas and speakers civilly on British campuses.”

In February 2015, online UK magazine Spiked published result of its survey of British Campuses – claiming that four-out-of-five Universities practice censor debates which involve Holocaust, Israel, Feminism and LGBT issues.

David Cameron regime has mad laws aimed at banning what it calls ‘extremist preachers’ from campuses. Critics says it’s meant to silence criticism of government policies particularly in the Middle East and British Muslim community.

The laws are not supposed to allow terrorist extremists on campus, but they do allow British government ministers like Graham Shapps on campus, and they have not made any ban on Tony Blair, speaking anywhere on a university, even though he’s the master, a repulsive war criminal in human history since Adolf Hitler died,” says William Spring, UK political commentator.


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