Obama: Operation Soothe-the-Israelis

donkey[1]After failure to bring anti-Iran regime changes in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan with the help of Saudi-Islam, it seems Barack Obama has decided to create a so-called “Sunni front” against a Shia-majority Iran while pretending to ink a nuclear deal with Iran. Washington is bullying and arming America’s regional “Sunni” allies to join Saudi-led Israel’s proxy war against Zaidi Shia government in Yemen.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama lifted ban on military aid to Egypt, put-in-place since the pro-Israel Crypto-Jew Gen. al-Sisi took power in a military coup against democratically elected government of Dr. Mohamad Morsi in 2013. Obama’s decision clears the delivery of F-16 aircraft, Harpoon missiles and MIAI tank kits. In a telephone call Obama assured al-Sisi that Egyptian regime would continue to receive annual $1.3 billion USAID as long as the country keep peace with the Zionist entity.

Naturally, these arms are not meant to defend Egyptians from an Israeli, Turkish or Saudi attack in the future. Egyptian dictator is already at war with Hamas and Libya. He has promised to join Saudi war in Yemen in gratitude for the $6 billion blackmail his regime received from Riyadh.

Both Riyadh and Washington are also twisting arms of their man in Islamabad, prime minister Nawaz Sharif, to provide foot-soldiers for Saudi-Israeli airstrikes in Yemen. Nawaz Sharif has already announced his readiness to jump into the Saudi-Israeli boat against the advice of Military leaders and the main opposition leader Imran Khan, who said that Pakistan’s armed forces are already stretched-out fighting threat from India, US-occupied Afghanistan and foreign-funded local terrorist groups – and are not in the position to open a new military front in Yemen.

From a military point of view, Pakistani involvement in Yemen could be disastrous both internally and internationally. Pakistan was not established by Sunnis of India alone. Many of Pakistan’s founding fathers including the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were Shias. Shias make nearly 20% of country’s total population of 160 million. Internationally, a military involvement would bogged Islamabad down in a Muslim country where it has no direct interests. Iran has warned Saudi Arabia of the dangerous consequences of its US-Israel proxy war in Yemen.

The Jewish-controlled western media has been portraying Saudi aggression being a sort of Shia-Sunni and Saudi-Iran proxy war in Yemen. In reality, it’s another propaganda lie to keep West’s anti-Iran agenda alive to Israel’s benefit.

On April 2, 2015, Michael McBride at Jewish The National Interest website warned Americans “A nuclear deal won’t make Iran an ally“. In support of his Jewish prophecy, McBride claims that ISIS/ISIL doesn’t poses a threat to the US and its allies in the Middle East. However, Iranian actions in the past have proven that it’s the greatest threat to American interests in the region and also an existential threat to America’s only ally in the region, Israel.

Yemen, like Afghanistan, has a long history of resistance against foreign domination – Ottoman, British, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian and American.

Several human-rights group have filed an official complaint to the International Court of Justice requesting the ICJ prosecute Saudi leaders for committing war crimes in the impoverished nation. The Court plans to launch a probe and publish its findings soon.


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