Nigeria: The ‘Sharia General’ won presidency

The Zionist regime received another blow in Africa over the weekend. It lost Africa’s most populous and rich ally, Nigeria to a ‘Sharia General’ Mahammadu Buhari. Pro-Israel outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from South, conceded the defeat on Tuesday and congratulated his opponent, a Muslim from North, on his victory – “first transfer of power through an election (Katy Lee at Jewish website Vox)”.

Personally, I’m no fan of any Nigerian political leader since the assassination of Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello in 1966 military coup engineered by Christian military officers, which also killed country’s first prime minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa, a Muslim from North. However, every time the Jewish-controlled western media demonizes some leader – from Hitler to Putin – I know the victim must be doing something good for his nation which the organized Jewry disliked.

Goodluck is a stupid man for conceding, a disappointment for Nigeria,” Reuters quoted some “waitress” in oil city of Port Harcourt.

Adam Nossiter at the Jew York Times blames Boko Haram, a USraeli creation and mass corruption for Jonathan’s defeat.

Tim Cocks at Jewish Reuters accused Buhari as a military dictator some 30 years ago, “he imprisoned journalists and opposition activists without trial, executed drug traffickers by firing squad and ordered soldiers to thrash those who failed to queue in an orderly fashion at bus stops.” Not kosher actions of course – except that Israeli Jew soldiers killed 17 journalists during Israel’s 50-day attacks on Gaza Strip last year.

David Smith at the UK’s Guardian accused Buhari, “in the past, he supported implementing Islamic sharia law across the country, rather than just in Muslim-majority regions, though he’s downplayed these comments in this campaign.” My guess is Buhari was stopped implementing his wish as a military dictator by the US and Israel, right!

Chris Wright wrote at Jewish Forbes on April 1 that Buhari would be judged how he deals with Boko Haran more than his strict economic policies.

Those who are unfamiliar with Nigeria may think that Buhari, as a Muslim who has talked before about imposing Islamic law, might in some way be aligned with Boko Haram, but he is understood to be deeply committed to their eradication, having seen up close the damage they have done to northeast Nigeria,” Wright said.

Watch below Buhari’s interviewed by the pro-Israel Al-Jazeera English.


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