Yemen under US Alliance attacks

On Thursday, the US puppet Arab regimes in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait began a US-Israel proxy war against Yemen controlled by anti-ISIS Shia Houthis fighters. Barack Obama has declared Saudi-led air strikes kosher against Houthis and civilian targets which have killed 20 civilians and wounded another 30 so far. Air strikes also targeted US-supplied military jets parked on ground.

While US forces are not taking direct military action in Yemen in support of this effort, we are establishing a Joint Planning Cell with Saudi Arabia to coordinate US military and intelligence support, said a Pentagon spokesperson.

Riyadh has claimed that pro-USrael regimes in both Egypt and Jordan have agreed to join US-alliance military attacks on Yemen if requested.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the president of Yemen has called Saudi Arabia “coward” and “puppet of the US and Israel”.

The Saudi invasion of Yemen has drawn condemnation from many countries such as Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria, as well as the Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbullah. However, the Zionist-controlled United Nations and European Union have opted not to condemn the “US Alliance” for invading a sovereign Arab state.

Iran’s foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif has urged Riyadh to end war on Yemen.

In 2010, former US Senator Joe Lieberman said on Fox News:”Iraq was yesterday war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen could be our next war. That’s the danger we face.”

On March 23, 2015, Damian Paletta wrote at Israeli mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal: “The Obama administration’s calculated gamble during the past three years in Yemen has crumbled in recent days, leaving the country on the brink of a civil war with U.S. troops involved in counterterror operations withdrawing amid intense fighting.”

On March 24, 2015, Adam Garfinkle, the Zionist Jew speechwriter of two US secretaries of state, Gen. Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleeza Rice, blamed Obama on his website, The American Interest, for losing Yemen to Iran.

The long record of Administration miscalculations in the Middle East should give anyone pause: a policy that sought peace, reconciliation and stability finds itself with a region increasingly engulfed in flames, with one U.S. plan after another going awry. The Obama strategy of leaving Iraq and winning in Afghanistan has been a failure in both countries. Working with moderate Islamists to defuse terrorism and support democracy failed in both Egypt and Turkey. Libyan intervention and Syrian abstention both led to chaos and promoted the rise of jihadi groups. And now in Yemen, the core of the United States’ counterterrorism strategy has failed and has been hastily rolled up,” Garfinkle said.

No one with a sound mind can expect Garfinkle to believe that all these American wars and adventures were mainly for the security of the Zionist entity. In fact, with the fall of Yemen, which Barack Obama had called a success story on September 10, 2014, The US taxpayers have lost US$500 million arms Washington had provided to Sana’a since 2007 in order to keep the country’s Shia majority under control.

On Wednesday, pro-Israel L.A. Times reported that names of informants and US military plans in Yemen were given to Iranian officials by Yemini officials who switched allegiance to Houthi government. It shows that Yemen too has its Jonathan Pollard.


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