Israel’s ‘Water Apartheid’

753a4c41[1]Ahead of the United Nations World Water Day on March 22, 2015, Jerusalem-based  NGO Monitor issued a report condemning EU and other NGOs for running an anti-Israel campaign by accusing the Zionist regime of water theft and applying it as a weapon against people in the occupied Palestinian territories, Shebaa Farms and Golan Heights.

The NGO Monitor was established by British-born Zionist Jew, professor Gerald M. Steinberg in 2001. The organization produces faked studies to cover Israeli crimes, some times exposed by NGO’s working in the occupied Palestine.

In February 2014, EU parliament president Martin Shultz, a rabid pro-Israel Jew, addressed Israeli Knesset. After assuring the paranoid MKs that EU will never allow boycott of the Zionist regime, he made a tiny ‘antisemite’ statement which made half of MKs walk-out of the chamber. Shultz said that Palestinians in the West Bank don’t have the same access to water as Israelis. Netanyahu said that Shultz, like many European suffers from selective hearing.

Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi, Mahmoud Abbas has accused the Zionist regime of unfair distribution of water on the World Water Day.

On March 20, the Boston Alliance for Water Justice held a protest against Israeli theft of water outside the MassCEC office, where the Massachusetts-Israel Water Partnership is housed. Some protesters were holding posters, Massachusetts we say NO!  Water deals with Israel have got to go!, and Massachusetts see the light.  Water is a human right!

A latest UN report has warned that the world could suffer a 40 per cent shortfall in water by 2030 unless dramatic changes are made. “As water reserves around the world continue to dwindle, demand is expected to increase by 55 per cent by 2050. The water shortage could lead to the failure of crops, permanent damage to ecosystems, the collapse of industries and the expansion of disease and poverty,” says the report.

Since 1993, the World Water Day is observed around the globe on March 22 to educate and urge fortunate people to help billions of people who cannot meet their needs for safe and clean water due to draught, wars and local governments’ neglect. However, the Zionist-controlled media, governments and NGOs have made sure public don’t learn about the Israeli theft of natural water in Palestinian Territories under Jewish military occupation since 1967.

Stealing Arab water sources for the survival and prosperity of European Jewish settlements in Palestine – has been on the World Zionist Movement since the early 19th century. The first water-based European Roshbina Jewish settlement was built in spring and water rich Upper Galilee in 1878. In 1903, the Egyptian government turned-down Zionist movement’s request to divert the course of the Nile River to Sinai and Negev in Palestine to build Jewish settlements. In 1937, the British mandate authories conducted a study to divert water from Yarmuk in Transjordan for its future plan for the partition of Palestine. In 1978, Zionist regime occupied southern Lebanon and took control of Al-Wazzani and Al-Hasbani rivers. In 1982, it extended its control over Litani River. In fact the Zionist robbers pumped Lebanese water to its northern settlements for over two decades until its forces were forced to vacate most of southern Lebanon by Hizb’Allah fighters in 2000.

During 1965-66, Israeli tanks and military planes shelled and bombed Syrian attempts to divert the waters from Hatzhani and Banyas rivers – in order to stop Israelis stealing it to develop Jewish settlements in the Negev Desert.

Israel controls 80% of the groundwater in the West Bank. The Jewish settlements around Hebron have no trouble gaining water and at a much less cost from Mekorot, the Israeli national company. The Jews settlers are charged 4 shekels per cubic meter for the piped water-distribution network – but the Native Muslims and Christians are forced to pay 15-50 shekels per cubic meter for the tankered water supply.

In January 2009 – Eric Chevallier, spokesperson for the French ministry of foreign affairs confirmed that Tel Aviv had refused to allow a French-made water purification system into Gaza amid the drinking water crisis among the 1.7 million Gaza inhabitants.

For more information on Israel’s theft of water, read the following links.

B’Tselem: The Shared Water Sources and the Control Over Them .

Amnesty International: Troubled Waters:  Palestinians Denies Fair Access to Water.

United Nations OCHA: The Humanitarian Impact of the Takeover of Palestinian Water Springs by Israeli Settlers.

Rehmat’s World: Israeli theft of Lebanon’s oil and water resources.


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