Franklin Graham: ‘How to avoid getting shot by police!’

Pro-Israel evangelic preacher, millionaire Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the White House preacher, Billy Graham, have claimed that he knows how Black and Latino Americans can save their lives by not being shot by the local police – Just obey Cops orders as you obey your Lord Christ.

Christian author and human-rights activist, Jim Wallis, penned a strong response on his Facebook page calling Franklin Graham “racist”. Several other Christian leaders too slammed Franklin for his distortion of Lord’s message for calling “obey” the police command.

Franklin Graham holds second position in Organized Jewry’s list of “Good Christians” after evangelic millionaire Rev. John Hagee. Franklin is a well-known Muslim hater. He believes that US president Barack Obama is a Crypto-Muslim because he refuses to drop his middle name “Hussein” (Obama’s mother, a White American Christian married two non-American Muslims). Last month, during a talk at the Christian Broadcasting Network, Graham claimed that Muslims who hate Israel and Christians run the White House.

Last month, Franklin Graham slammed Barack Obama for comparing ISIS with the Christian Crusades. He said that while Muhammad (pbuh) killed innocent people, Jesus died for the people. However, Graham ignored to quote his Bible which blames Jews for killing Christ. He also forgot to mention that Jew scholars claim that Christ was hanged because he refused to “obey” the law.

It seem, Franklin Graham has not talked to his Lord Bibi, who has claimed that ISIS is good for Israel.

On March 18, 2015, Tom Brennan, editor Jewish Gift Shop blog called Rev. Franklin Graham, the Black Sheep of the Graham clan.

What the Jewish-controlled mainstream media is not telling Americans why Franklin Graham wants Blacks, Latinos and Muslims to “obey” the police because that would mean obeying Israel as FBI, NYPD and most of other law-enforcement agencies are trained by Israelis and Jewish Anti-Defamation League. On February 14, 2015, ADL website admitted that Obama’s Task Force (established in December 2014) consults ADL’s National Law Enforcement Initiatives which includes visits to Holocaust Museums to fight antisemitism.

Upon taking office in 2013, FBI director James Comey ordered that new FBI recruits visit the MLK Memorial in Washington as way to remind agents of the dangers of excessive power. With the same aim, the bureau has required agents to visit the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

Interestingly, when Sen. Barack Obama was campaigning for US presidency, former Jew Congressman Abner Mikvaner said that if elected, Obama would be first Jewish US President.


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