Jews want ‘regime change’ in Venezuela

In an Op-Ed on March 5, 2015, The Jew York Times slammed Venezuelan president for declaring personae non gratae three pro-Israel war-criminals, former US president Dubya George Bush, former vice-president Dick Cheney and former CIA hit-man George Tenet. The newspaper termed Caracas’ action “Punishing Scapegoats“. I bet many groups prefer to call them, Wolves in Sheep Clothing.

Last year, David Harris, executive director of American Jewish Congress (AJC) had slammed Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, for comparing Israel’s 50-day war on Hamas-ruled Gaza with Auschwitz.

Last year, Jewish Washington Post, in a post entitled ‘Venezuela Does Not Deserve a Seat at the UN Security Council’, called Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro an “economically illiterate former bus driver”.

Jewish VICE magazine wrote last year: “In its 14 years in power, Chavez’s administration was at once authoritarian and democratic, crudely demagogic and genuinely participatory.”

In September 2014, Nicholas Maduro addressing the UN General Assembly pledged his solidarity with the “Axis of Resistance” (Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Iraq), all victims of ISIS. “It’s president Bashar al-Assad and Syrian government which have stopped the terrorists.” Maduro also accused the US and its western allies for creating the ISIS or ISIL. He claimed that only Syrian, Iraqi armies and their regional allies (Iran and Hizbullah) can defeat the “western monsters”.

Following in Netanyahu’s footstep, the US president Barack Obama issued an executive order on March 9, declaring Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela a national security threat for his mistreating country’s opposition lead by pro-USrael Henrique Capriles (born into a Jewish family) who was defeated by Maduro by a thin margin of 1.6% in the April 14, 2013 election. Both the US and Israel rejected the results of the election.

In response to Obama administration sanctions Venezuelan president penned a letter to American citizen on March 17, saying, “Venezuela is not a threat, but a hope.”

In January 2015, Nicolas Maduro visited Iran where he met Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, former president Dr. Ahmadinejad and country’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei who praised Caracas position on Palestine.

James Neilson at the Buenos Aires Herald said that Obama threats have united Latin leaders behind Maduro. Fidel Castro, former president of Cuba sent a letter of support to Venezuelan president Maduro, saying: “The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has stated in a very precise manner that it has always been disposed to talk with the United States, in a peaceful and civilized fashion, but will never tolerate threats or impositions on the part of this country.”


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