Canadian Jews slam Justin Trudeau for defending Muslims

On Monday, Canada’s opposition Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau in his address in Toronto to the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, accused pro-Israel Harper government of deliberately stoking fear and prejudice against Muslim Canadians – employing the same kind of rhetoric that led to some of Canada’s most shameful displays of racism against Jews during WW II.

Trudeau drew a parallel between Harper government’s rhetoric about Muslims and other dark episodes in Canada’s history: the internment of Ukrainian, Japanese and Italian Canadians during the two world wars, the turning away boatloads of Jewish and Punjabi refugees and the imposition of residential schools for aboriginal children.

I believe they have done it deliberately and I believe what they have done is deeply wrong. We all know what is going on here. It is nothing less than an attempt to play on people’s fears and foster prejudice, directly toward the Muslim faith. This is not the spirit of Canadian liberty, my friends. It is the spirit of the Komagata Maru. Of the St. Louis. Of ‘none is too many,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau slammed Harper government for appealing a court decision that allowed a Muslim woman to wear a face-covering niqab during a citizenship swearing-in ceremony. “It is not the business of government to tell women what they can or cannot wear, or to restrict their religious freedom,” Trudeau said.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) called Trudeau’s accusations, “inappropriate and inaccurate”, while B’nai Brith Canada called Trudeau’s remark “inaccurate and offensive”.

In an interview in anti-Muslim Maclean’s magazine, Harper’s cabinet minister Jason Kenney, an Israel First, said, “To compare anti-Semitic immigration restrictions during the Holocaust to a request that people take the public citizenship oath publicly demonstrates a grotesque lack of judgment on Trudeau’s part.”

Neither CIJA nor B’nai Brith censured remarks by Public Security Minister Stephen Blaney, a French Canadian, who on March 10 invoked the Holocaust and distorted a verse from Holy Qur’an to support the Conservative government’s proposed anti-terror bill.

Appearing before a parliamentary committee studying the bill, Blaney said “the Holocaust did not begin in the gas chamber (sic), it began with words,” and that the proposed law is needed to protect Canadians from a jihadist threat (sic). He also claimed that Canada was built on Europe’s Judeo-Christian values. In January 2015, Blaney told the UN General Assembly that attacks on Chrlie Hebdo and Jewish market was fueled by Muslim hatred of Jews and ‘freedom of speech’. Incidentally, questioning the ‘Six Million Died’ myth has been declared a ‘crime against humanity’ by the Harper government.

Mackenzie King government during WW II tried to keep European Jews away from Canada. Frederick Charles Blair, head of immigration in a letter compared Jews clamoring to get into Canada to hogs at feeding time.

Last year, professor John McMurty (University of Guelph) in an article called Stephen Harper “the most deeply reviled prime minister in Canada’s history“. He said that Harper government is using staged terrorism to demonize Canadian Muslims for oil and Israel lobby groups.

It seems, Justin like his illustrious father, Pierre E. Trudeau’ has crossed the Organized Jewry’s ‘Red Line’, even though his wife is Jewish and his father courted several Jewish women including Jewish singer/actress Barbra Streisand. Some have blamed Pierre Trudeau even for the Jewification of Canada, but the Organized Jewry never forgave him for criticizing the Zionist entity, once a while. Canadian Jewish author Max Nemni in his 2006 book, ‘Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944’, has called Trudeau Antisemite, Fascist and Separatist who admired Hitler and Mussolini. The European history by objective sources tells us that the World Zionist movement collaborated with both Hitler and Mussolini.


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