AIPAC’s $1 million letter to Khamenei

001-Copy63[1]On Monday, 47 Republican Senators issued an open letter to the Supreme Leader and former president of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatullah Ali Hoseini Khamenei, warning him that a deal between Obama and Tehran would be “illegal” as it doesn’t carry approval from the US Congress and thus might be abrogated after Barack Obama’s presidency.

The letter was authored by Sen. Tom Cotton, 37, the youngest pro-Israel lawmaker in the Senate. On January 29, 2015, Cotton in an Op-Ed at Jewish Wall street Journal wrote: “Our negotiating partner, Iran, is not a rational or peaceful actor; it is a radical, Islamist tyranny whose constitution explicitly calls for jihad. Iran’s ayatollahs have honored the call: Iran has been killing Americans for more than three decades.”

Let’s now find out how moral and patriotic this ‘Tom-and-Jerry’ is? Philip Weiss, the co-founder of Jewish mews website Mondoweiss, claimed on March 10, that Tom Cotton authored that letter as payback for the $1 million he received from William Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel during his election campaign. Cotton also received $165,000 from Jew billionaire Paul Elliott Singer, former manager Hedge Fund and founder-CEO Elliott Management Corp. Singer funds the Israel Project and openly criticized US-Iran talks.

Former AIPAC staffer MJ Rosenberg has also claimed that AIPAC is behind the letter – calling it GOP’s Treason.

Josh Block, former AIPAC employee and Dubya Bush’s Canadian-born Jewish speech-writer, David Frum, who had coined the phrase Axis of Evil have endorsed the letter.

Jeffrey Goldberg, former Israeli prison guard, wrote at The Atlantic, calling the letter being hasty on part of GOP. He claims that Ayatullah Khamenei would have killed the US-Iran negotiations based on Washington’s unreasonable demands.

Republicans in the Senate may believe they were doing the U.S. a favor by issuing their warning to Ayatollah Khamenei, but advocates of crushing sanctions against Iran might just have undermined their own cause,” Goldberg said.

Glenn Greenwald, the ‘self-hating’ Jewish writer says: GOP efforts to sabotage a peace deal with Iran, are heinous on substance: the combination of dogmatic religious fervor for Israel, a cartoon-like Manichean view of the world, and a bottomless thirst for war continues to lead them to commitment to a rogue militarism.”

Iran’s foreign minister Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif called the letter an Israeli propaganda ploy.

Personally, I agree with American writer and author Dave Lefcourt, who wrote on March 10: “The whole debacle with Iran is a US led sham, the crippling economic sanctions, the ruse of an Iranian nuclear device that isn’t. In fact it’s still retribution toward the Iranian’s for overthrowing the US backed Shah of Iran in the 1979 revolution and the taking of US embassy hostages. And ever since Iran has committed the unforgivable sin of not succumbing to US hegemony. The negotiations with Iran are supposed to be the P5+1, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the US, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany but in all likelihood any final agreement reached with Iran will ultimately be sabotaged by the US.”

 I wonder why these 47 idiots need to write an open letter to someone whom the Jewish Lobby (Breitbart News, Washington Times, etc)  had declared DEAD or on his DEATH BED only three days ago! On March 9, the FARS news agency exposed the lie, saying: “The public meeting that was held in the national Week of Natural Resources was particularly important as it put an end to Israeli driven rumors in the social media and a number of western websites in the last three days that alleged the Iranian leader has been hospitalized due to critical health conditions. Some western media outlets pushed the rumor so much that they claimed that Tehran would soon announce the leader’s demise.”


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