Paul Eisen: Judaism is NOT religion of peace

Crime20against20humanity20by20Tsaha[2]Anti-Islam Judeo-Christian writers and Israel Hasbbra (propaganda) professionals have been trying for decades to prove that Islam is NOT religion of peace. However, Canadian journalist, author and blogger, Eric Walberg, claims that Islam INDEED is road to peace.

Last year, British Jewish writer, blogger and political activist, Paul Eisen, in an interview said: “Judaism is NOT a religion of peace? Christianity and Islam are indeed religions of peace – in their official ideology that is, though by no means always in practice – but Judaism doesn’t even make such a claim. You only have to look at our religious texts to know that.”

Paul Eisen points out ancient Jewish notions of “innocence, victimization, militarism and triumphalism” being the only way to survive in the world filled with Jew-haters.

Irony of ironies, the Israelis aren’t all that wrong because a lot of these delusions are self-fulfilling. Israelis are living on stolen land and have behaved disgracefully, not only to the Palestinians and entire Arab and Muslim world but also to the whole world. Deep down, they must know this and they’d have to be pretty dumb not to realise that nobody much likes them. They’d also have to be pretty stupid not to realise that, at the end of the day, there aren’t that many Israelis or Jews and if the world really got together it would make pretty short work of the famed IDF. No wonder they’re paranoid,” Eisen said.

German Jewish philosopher Dr. Yeshayahu Leibowitz is quoted as saying :”The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust.” In fact Holocaust provides all those ancient notions of “suffering, empowerment, innocence, redemption and specialness.

Israeli-born British writer, author, jazz-player and human-rights activist Gilad Atzmon said in 2010: “If you want to grasp what underlies the Israeli deadly barbarism all you have to do is open the Old Testament. Though it is certain that there is no ethnic or racial continuum between the Biblical Israelites and the Khazarians who lead the Jewish state and its army, the similarities between the murderous enthusiasm described in Deuteronomy and the current string of Israeli lethal actions cannot be denied. Israel is a murderous society not because of any biological or racial lineage with its imaginary ‘forefathers’. Israel is deadly because it is driven by a fanatical tribal Jewish ideology and fueled by a psychotic merciless Biblical poisonous enthusiasm.” Read the rest here.

William Hanna, an American writer, author and blogger discusses some of “Jewish notions” which played central role, from the assassination of JFK to Charlie Hebdo Israel’s false flag operations. Hanna says that the only way to find out the evildoers behind an international tragedy, is to find out who benefits the most from it. Below are some of Hanna’s deductions:

1. JFK’s assassination served the dual purpose of eliminating not only the threat to Israel’s nuclear ambitions, but also the need for the tax-exempt American Zionist Council (AZC ) to register as a foreign agent.

2. The 9/11 was part of Israeli agenda to destabilize entire Arab world and break them down to further smaller and weaker states.

3. The attack in Paris on the editorial offices of the so-called satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo — for whom stoking Islamophobia has proven to be a financially viable business proposition — have been a Mossad operation designed to stem the growing tide of support and sympathy among people in France and other European countries for the Palestinian aspiration of achieving independence and statehood? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had after all previously warned that “recognition of a Palestinian state by France would be a grave mistake.” Such a hypothesis is by no means far fetched when carefully considering the events as reported by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

By staging the Paris attacks, Israel’s Mossad’s would have helped to further reinforce not only the image of the Muslims as a terrorists who are opposed to civilised Western values such as freedom of expression, but also the perception of their being incapable of coexisting harmoniously within Western societies. Such reenforcement by Israel would drive a wedge between the the Western citizen majorities and the Muslim minorities by dissuading Western governments and citizens from adhering to their newly discovered humanity of regarding Palestinians as the victims rather than the aggressors as had been portrayed for decades by the Israeli elite and the Zionist controlled mainstream media. Despite the inducement by Zionism of rampant Islamophobia in the United States, most American citizens are actually in far more danger of being shot and killed by their own “to protect and to serve” racist police forces than they are by militant Islamic terrorists.


5 responses to “Paul Eisen: Judaism is NOT religion of peace

  1. Race/ethnic wars, religious wars (shia/sunni/wahhabi/etc), brothers wars (Ukraine), gender wars (modern feminism), pol. ideology wars (“clash of civilizations”)..The zionist elite are experts at divide and conquer.

    • Paul Eisen’s suffering from the Guardians of Judaism have not ended as yet. His blog has been shut-down since UK’s new Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was accused of ‘shaking hands’ with him. Eisen’s crime, as a Jew, is he doesn’t believe MUFTI help Hitler in murdering Jews.

  2. Judaism is a monumentally mendacious cult, more wierd, more savage, more degenerate than anything in human history. Charles Manson’s whackos were a Brownie troup compared to these lizardunter-menschen. Find a Jew being decent or humane toward a non-Jew and you’ve found someone who is a failure as a Jew.

  3. Half truths? 2% controlled opposition poison? There’s a zero chance that JFK could’ve been elected; if he were in fact a real American patriot.

    Only communists have filled those Jacob Rothschild U.S. government positions since the 1800’s and that’s a provable prima facie fact.

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