David Cole: Holocaust is based on fakes, frauds, and forgeries

David Cole is not an “anti-Semite” or “revisionist”. He is ardently pro-Zionist, pro-Israel Jew. He is author of book Republican Party Animal. In his latest article, entitled Justifying My Existence, published at TAKI’s Magazine on February 17, 2015, he wrote: I attempt to correct the historical record regarding the Holocaust, primarily by sniffing out and exposing fake artifacts and fraudulent or improperly-used documents.

In no other field are fakes, frauds, and forgeries tolerated as they are in Holocaust history. And in no other field are the people who try to sort the fakes from the facts so ruthlessly attacked and in many countries imprisoned, David Cole added.

I know some readers may not like me to demonize the new Jewish religion. The reason I picked-up this unproven myth is that the Zionist regime has now declared their only good Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, a Holocaust denier. While denying their own collaboration with Hitler and Mussolini fascism, they always love to dig others’ past to serve their own evil agenda.

Netanyahu’s Likud party mouthpiece has republished Mahmoud Abbas’ PhD thesis, entitled The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism submitted to Moscow’s Oriental College in 1984. In the book, Abbas argued based on French philosopher Roger Garaudy’s book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Abbas also questioned the Six Million myth in his thesis.

British Jewish writer, blogger, activist and author of The Holocaust Wars, Paul Eisen, was rewarded by his tribe with titles, such as, “Eisen the Holocaust denier”, “Eisen the racist”, “Eisen the Nazi”, “Eisen the anti-Semite”, and the list goes on.

American Orthodox Jew, Michael Korn, made aliya to Israel in 1982 and took Israeli citizenship in 1985. He lived in Israel for 20 years during which he got fed-up with Jewish racism and Holocaust exploitation. Disgusted, he converted to Christianity. In 2013, in an open letter to British veteran journalist and author Alan Hart, Korn explained why people question Holocaust.

A little-known chapter of history is the wide-ranging collaboration between Zionism and Hitler’s Third Reich. During the 1930s, Jewish Zionists and German National Socialists shared similar views on how to deal with the Jewish Question. They agreed that Jews and Germans were distinctly different nationalities, and that Jews did not belong in Germany. During the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler’s Germany,” wrote Mark Weber.



One response to “David Cole: Holocaust is based on fakes, frauds, and forgeries

  1. I think we should talk about the Holocaust.

    Not many know that the Holocaust was just another chapter in an ancient, inter-tribal feud between the occult elements of Judaism that formed the basis for NaZism and its Zionist counter-part in “Nazi” Germany: the impetus the transfer agreements, Germany’s WWII part of the Rothschild plan for the creation of Israel out of the nation-state of Palestine; and the “refuseniks”, those Jews who opposed NaZism, Zionism, Jewish nationalism. Those Jews who found Zionism as an affront to Judaism, thought, rightly, that is was a cult that contradicts the foundations of justice found in the Torah.

    Further, people meed to understand the theosophical roots of Zionism/ NaZism, Jewish nationalism, even found in Bolshevism, that they are the same: the Babylonian Talmud, the Kaballah, the occult, Egyptian Book of the Dead acting through the levels of initiation found in co-opted Freemasonry: e.g. the Thule Gesselschaft and Vril, the Golden Dawn, Skull and Bones, the Brotherhood of Death. That Satanism, eugenics, racism, depopulation, the “Holocaust” and related genocides of the modern era are their spawn. If people knew this history, the banking clique, the Satanic oligarchy and its nuclear nation-state Israeli agent would be overthrown tomorrow.

    By continuing to howl that the Holocaust is a fraud, a hoax, how many died, etc…is only a deliberate distraction and does a disservice to history and to those struggling to get free from Zionism, internationalism, the communo-fascist New World Order found in Palestine and the world.

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