‘The Eternal Jew’: Jew-hating Israeli video

Not satisfied with the results of Charlie Hebdo terror warning to European nations to stop recognizing an independent Palestinian state – the Samara Settler Council launched an anti-Europe campaign on social media on Saturday. A professionally made animated video, entitled The Eternal Jew posted on You Tube and on Council’s website shows a European man sitting in his office and leafing through Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz’s clone, named Hasmol – the Hebrew word applied by the extremist Jews against the so-called “Liberal” Jews.

In the video an intercom rings, and in a scene repeated several times, someone speaking English with German accent says: “Herr Sturmer, the Jew is here”. In walks a pointy-nose character, carrying a handsaw or handcuffs, each time mentioning Israel Occupation Force (IOF) murder of Palestinian youth or brutality against Palestinians at the checkpoints.

In exchange, a European character who is always hidden behind the newspaper – throw an euro coin toward the ‘Zee Jew’ character. The ‘ze-Jew’ rubs his hands together – the European laughs and shout “Gut! Gut!,” while the classical music plays in the background.

The animated anti-Europe slur reaches its peak when an image on the paper’s front page shows train-tracks leading to Auschwitz labor camp. The ‘ze Jew’ asks “What now?” and the European goyim tells him, “Go, take care of yourself.” Disappointed, ‘ze Jew’ hangs himself by a tree (a biblical punishment for an imposter). Watch the video below.

There is no condemnation from the Organized Jewry against the video even though it depicts Austrian Jewish politician Heinz-Christian Strache’s 2012 money loving ‘ze-banker’ cartoon, because it represents the Zionist movement’s imbedded hatred toward fellow ‘ze-Jews’.


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