Israeli President: Holocaust = Black slavery

On January 25, 2015, Israeli president Reuven Rivlin made a history. He became the first Zionist president to address 2,500 Black Zionist Christians gathered inside Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center. The congregation is lead by Center’s founder pastor A. R. Bernard.

Rivlin said that Jews and blacks have a shared history of struggle, and warned against Holocaust denial.

Rivlin in his self-denial forgot that both European Jews and African slaves were victims of the Organized Jewry. Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, former president of Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and Chief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, accused Frankist Jews for committing the Holocaust. Furthermore, Canadian-born Israeli author and blogger, Barry Chamish, has claimed that Zionism was created by Frankist Jews to destroy the Jews who follow Moses Law (Torah) instead of Jewish Talmud.

One doesn’t need a PhD to find out that Jews played a significant role in both Black and White slave trade. Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael in book, Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History, wrote that Jews took an active part in Dutch colonial African slave trade. Netherlands Rabbi Lody van de Kamp in book, The Jewish Slave, also confirms slaves blood on Jewish hands.

Jews owned, insured, and financed slave ships and outfitted them with chains and shackles for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They were auctioneers, commission merchants, brokers, and wholesalers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money, markets, and supplies. Christopher Columbus – whose Trans-Atlantic exploits initiated the brutal genocide of the Red-man and forecasted the African Holocaust – was financed by wealthy Spanish Jews and is claimed by some scholars to be a Jew himself. Read more here.

Rivlin also told the cheering Christian Zionist donkeys that he drew inspiration from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who used to walk alongside rabbis – and said that just like famous civil right leader, he hope there will be peace between the Israeli Jews and the rest of the world.

I also have a dream. I have a dream that, once again, G-d will knock on our door. I dream that (Occupied) Jerusalem, a microcosm of the world, will serve as a model of coexistence between different communities and religions, said Rivlin.

If Rivlin had studied Martin Luther King’s career from some objective source, he wouldn’t had said that. Not only Rev. King was funded by the Jews, he also failed in “his dreams” miserably.

It seems, Rivlin’s goyim-hating G-d did not like his ‘Chosen One’ to meet the leader of an inferior race. Rivlin had to rush back to protect his people from Hizbullah attack – while pastor Bernard’s son Alfonso Bernard, 39, died on February 4 as result of a severe asthma attack. Alfonso owned a barbershop in Long Island.

In case some reader doesn’t believe that Iran pose an “existential threat” to Israel – he should learn Zionists’ ‘End Time’ biblical story. Don Stewart told evangelist pastor Greg Laurie at the Harvest church in Irvine, California, this past week: People in Iran are Shia and they have a prophetic view of the last days that a final Imam, the 12th one, will come, and they will know who he is by the fact that he kills Christians and Jews to make this world a Caliphate, said Stewart, who has authored several books, including Living in the Light of Eternity, his latest, and The Rapture.

Now, not being a Shia myself – I’m very scared. Shouldn’t you be?


One response to “Israeli President: Holocaust = Black slavery

  1. The last one is propaganda the Mahdi is no killer of flesh and blood, this is just stupid zionist fearmongerning that you’ve let through.
    I belive it is the equivalent of the book of revelations. Don’t forget that Mohammed PBUH belived in all Jesus words,.

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