Spielberg: Holocaust PR has failed

As a youth, Steven Spielberg was ashamed of being a Jew,” Bernard Weinraub, The Jew York Times, December 12, 1993.

On Monday, the Schindler’s List famed Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, talking to Jews gathered in the southern Polish city of Krakow, ahead of the main event marking 70 years since Soviet troops liberated the Nazi German Auschwitz labor camp in Poland, said that even 70 year after the Holocaust in Europe – hatred toward Jewish people is on the rise in Europe.

If you are a Jew today, in fact if you are any person who believes in the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom in free expression, you know that like many other groups, we are once again facing the perennial demons of intolerance,” Spielberg said.

I bet only some brainwashed idiot will believe in Spielberg’s claim. The history tells us that the Organized Jewry has always been allergic to others’ right to Freedom of Speech. The latest example is French prime minister Manual Valls (married to a Jew woman), who supported Charlie Hebdo’s anti-Islam cartoons, but said that criticism of Holocaust, Israel and Jews wouldn’t go unpunished.

Steven Spielberg is also founder of Shoah Foundation. The organization collects personal stories of Holocaust survivors and supposedly other witnesses. In 2011, Spielberg announced on French TV that he will pour out Holocaust propaganda in German school and that stories of ‘witnesses’ would convince the Germans that Nazis did murder six million Jews. After listening to Spielberg’s lies, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a French Jewish historian wrote him an open letter, See My Shoah Sherlockholmised.

Fred A. Leuchter, America’s leading specialist on the design and fabrication of execution equipment, including homicidal gas chambers. In 1988, Leuchter scraped samples from the alleged gas chamber walls in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Lublin. Cyanide residue would be clearly evident on all these walls if gassings did occur. To his astonishment, Leuchter found no significant cyanide traces in any one of these rooms.

Jewish professor Deborah E. Lipstadt (Emory University, Atlanta) and author of book The Eichmann Trial, has exposed the propaganda lies cooked by the world famous “Nazi Hunter” Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005).

Wiesenthal’s aggrandizement of his role in the Eichmann capture is far less disturbing and historiographically significant than another of his inventions. In an attempt to elicit non-Jewish interest in the Holocaust, Wiesenthal decided to broaden the population of victims—even though it meant falsifying history. He began to speak of eleven million victims: six million Jews and five million non-Jews. Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer immediately recognized that this number made no historical sense. Who, Bauer wondered, constituted Wiesenthal’s five million (p.8)?”, she said. Read a review of the book by Paul Grubach here.

The Six Million narrative , no doubt, is the lungs of the Zionists’ occupation of Palestine. “For those of us who are involved in foreign and defense policy today of my generation,” explained Richard Perle in a BBC interview, “the defining moment of our history was certainly the holocaust.”  Douglas Feith often invokes the holocaust to justify his militarism. In a New Yorker profile, Feith asked, “What’s the answer to the Holocaust?” He answered his own question by suggesting that it is not surprising that this alleged event has caused so many Jews to become militant neocons dedicated to aggressive, unyielding warfare against all those who pose a threat to Jews and their interests. In a Jew York Times profile, Paul Wolfowitz spoke of the holocaust as having a profound impact on his worldview.  Another neocon ringleader, Michael Ledeen, revealed his obsession with the subject in an article he authored entitled “The New Holocaust.”  Political analyst Kevin Barrett PhD observed that the Israelis and their Jewish neocon patrons in Washington “are fanatical extremists who feel that they are being persecuted everywhere they go and that they have to be extremely harsh, unyielding and aggressive, as well as deceptive and violent with the world” in order to ensure their survival.  Somehow it doesn’t dawn on them that maybe it is their unscrupulous behavior that is the cause of hostility towards them in the first place. Obviously introspection is not exactly a Zionist virtue.

Watch Eric Hunt’s documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie, exposing Spielberg’s Holocaust lies below.


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