Capitalism is Jewish

These days, criticism of Capitalism, like Israel, Holocaust and Zionism is labeled as an old-fashioned anti-Semitism – because all of them are dominated by the Organized Jewry.

On August 5, 2014, Walter Williams claimed at the Capitalism Magazine that criticism of Israel’s war against Hamas is “antisemitism”.

In December 2013, the kosher Pope Francis was accused of being a communist for criticizing Capitalism.

Israel has long devoted major funding and great efforts to deflecting blame for its policies and practices by raising the black flag of antisemitism to discredit responsible and deserved criticism,” says Richard Falk, American Jewish academic and diplomat.

Werner Sombart (died 1941), German sociologist and author in his 1911 book, ‘The Jews & Modern Capitalism’, claimed that Jewish elites were the dominant beneficiary of Capitalism.

India’s famous human rights activist and author, Arundhati Roy, in her new book, ‘Capitalism: The Ghost Story’, examines the dark side of democracy in contemporary India, and shows how the demands of the globalized western capitalist banking system has subjugated billions of peoples to the highest and most intense form of racism and exploitation. Watch a videos below to understand the evil world of capitalism and the evildoers who benefit from this system.

Notwithstanding Usury prohibition, Jewish Usury had been a huge issue throughout the Middle Ages and it does not require a great leap of the imagination to see that Capitalism is in fact the modern equivalent of what was once known as Jewish Usury.

Holocaust. Auschwitz. Six Million. Hitler. Anti-Semitic ravings. The Protocols. Oy vey! When did Abe Foxman stop writing? Jewish conspiracies are forbidden to discuss but Muslim or Christian conspiracies are perfectly okay to promote in this Jewish-engineered politically-correct paradigm of psychological enslavement,” says ZionistCrimeFactory website.

British-born Jewish science journalist, author and former columnist at the Jew York Times, Nicholas Wade in book, A Troublesome Inheritance, has claimed that Jews possess a genetic “adaptation to capitalism”. Wade also argues that humans can be divided into discrete races, and that between those races, there are differences in behavior, temperament, intelligence, and even political and economic structures. Although the specifics of the arguments change, what remains constant is the idea that white people of European descent are inherently smarter, better, more “civilized” than members of other races, especially black Africans and their descendants.

In December 2010, Isaac Stone Fish claimed at the Newsweek magazine that Chinese business community uses Jewish Talmud as a guide.

Listen to a video below to learn more about Capitalism.

Dealing with Usury in anyway is forbidden in Islam.


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