BBC reporter: Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands

On Sunday, British journalist Tim Wilcox, 52, learned the western double standards for “freedom of speech” while covering Paris mass rally defending the rights of western media to insult Islam and Muslims for BBC.

Wilcox accompanied by two friends, one Israeli-born Jew and the other of Algerian Muslim heritage, conducted an in depth interview with a French Jewish woman participating the rally. They discussed a wide range of issues affecting both the Muslim and Jewish communities in France.

During conversation, the woman told Wilcox that she feared for the safety of Jews in the country, Wilcox said: “Many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well, you understand everything is seen from different perspectives.”

Wilcox’s “freedom of speech” almost cost him his job. British Organized Jewry demanded Wilcox to resign as result of his anti-Semitic statement. BBC boss, Danny Cohen, demanded an apology from Wilcox which he did to save his neck.

On January 12, Tim Wilcox tweeted: “Really sorry for any offense caused by a poorly phrase question in a live interview.”

On December 21, London-born Danny Cohen, told a conference in Jerusalem that watching the rise of anti-Jew incidents in the UK and most of European nations since the recent Israeli attack on Gaza has made him come to the conclusion that Britain is no longer a safe country for his fellow Jewish community to live in.

On January 13, British journalist and author, Mehdi Hasan, blasted the Islamophobes assembled in Paris in support of newspapers and magazines which publish anti-Islam caricatures but refuse to treat Holocaust, Judaism and Christianity the same way.

And why have you been so silent on the glaring double standards? Did you not know that Charlie Hebdo sacked the veteran French cartoonist Maurice Sinet in 2008 for making an allegedly anti-Semitic remark? Were you not aware that Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that published caricatures of the Prophet in 2005, reportedly rejected cartoons mocking Christ because they would “provoke an outcry” and proudly declared it would “in no circumstances . . . publish Holocaust cartoons“? wrote Hasan.

Does it not bother you to see Barack Obama – who demanded that Yemen keep the anti-drone journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye behind bars, after he was convicted on “terrorism-related charges” in a kangaroo court – jump on the free speech ban wagon? Weren’t you sickened to see Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of a country that was responsible for the killing of seven journalists in Gaza in 2014, attend the “unity rally” in Paris? Bibi was joined by Angela Merkel, chancellor of a country where Holocaust denial is punishable by up to five years in prison, and David Cameron, who wants to ban non-violent “extremists” committed to the “overthrow of democracy” from appearing on television,” added Hasan.

Most White people don’t like to admit it, but those anti-Islam cartoons upheld their prejudice, their racism, their political supremacy, an cut it how you will – images like that upheld a political order built on discrimination,” Asghar Bukhari wrote at Medium Com, January 7, 2015.


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