Chris Hedges: Israel = ISIS

Chris Hedges, American columnist, author of 14 books and former correspondent with the Jew York Times, has been banned to speak at the University of Pennsylvania for calling ISIS = New Israel in a column published by the truthdig news website on December 15, 2014.

ISIS, ironically, is perhaps the only example of successful nation-building in the contemporary Middle East, despite the billions of dollars we have squandered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its quest for an ethnically pure Sunni state mirrors the quest for a Jewish state eventually carved out of Palestine in 1948. Its tactics are much like those of the Jewish guerrillas who used violence, terrorism, foreign fighters, clandestine arms shipments and foreign money, along with horrific ethnic cleansing and the massacre of hundreds of Arab civilians, to create Israel. Antagonistic ISIS and Israeli states, infected by religious fundamentalism, would be irreconcilable neighbors. This is a recipe for apocalyptic warfare. We provided the ingredients,” Hedges said.

Ironically, Hedges is not the first American columnist who has equated the Zionist entity with the so-called “IS”, created by Israel and the US. Earlier, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, also accused the US and Israel for the funding and training of the ISIS throat-cutters. So did American Jewish writer and columnist Max Blumenthal.

Chris Hedges who was invited to talk next April 3 at the University of Pennsylvania at a peace conference sponsored by the International Affairs Association, was informed two weeks ago that his name has been dropped from speakers list under pressure from the U of Penn’s Jewish-controlled Student Union.

Being banned from speaking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially at universities, is familiar to anyone who attempts to challenge the narrative of the Israel lobby. This is not the first time one of my speaking offers has been revoked and it will not be the last. However, the charge of Belnavis and the International Affairs Association that I do not believe in coexistence between the Palestinians and Israel is false. I oppose violence by either party. I have condemned Hamas rocket attacks as war crimes. And I support Israel’s right to exist within the pre-1967 borders,” responded Hedges.

Chris Hedges who has claimed that atheism is a great danger to humanity. His criticism of Jewish atheist and Islamophobe Christopher Hitchens has gained him a lot of enemies within the organized Jewry.

On May 9, 2011, Chris Hedges blamed both the US and Israel for funding anti-Muslim hatred in the west.

Dr. Ludwig Watzal former Graduate student of International Relations at the U of Penn blasted Hedges’ apologetic response to the Jewish Lobby.

Hedges tried to cut his losses admitting that he believes in coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians. He spoke out against violence on both sides and condemned Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel as war crimes. He even mentioned the truism of Israel’s right to exist that is required by international law and UN resolutions. If Hamas’s rocket attacks are considered “war crimes” by Hedges, how would he evaluate the horrific attack and massacre inflicted by the Israel army on the imprisoned and defenseless people of Gaza last summer?,” Watzal said. Read the rest here.

Penn is a predominantly Jewish University headed by Zionist Jews like Amy Gutmann and  Vincent Price, the provost. The Israel-First Zionist Dr. Alan Dershowitz is a routine speaker at the university.



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