BBC: Jews are not safe in Britain

Can you imagine that Britain with its government, banking institutions, press, police, intelligence agencies and all major political parties controlled by Zionist Jews or pro-Israel lobby groups, is not a safe place for its 264,000 Jewish population to live in? Well, according to Jewish Chronicle (December 22, 2014) the BBC boss Danny Cohen said so.

On December 21, London-born Danny Cohen, told a conference in Jerusalem that watching the rise of anti-Jew incidents in the UK and most of European nations since the recent Israeli attack on Gaza has made him come to the conclusion that Britain is no longer a safe country for his fellow Jewish community to live in.

I’ve never felt so uncomfortable being a Jew in the UK as I’ve felt in the last 12 months. And it’s made me think about, you know, is it our long-term home, actually. Because you feel it. I’ve felt it in a way I’ve never felt before actually. And you’ve seen the number of attacks rise. You’ve seen murders in France. You’ve seen murders in Belgium. It’s been pretty grim actually. And having lived all my life in the UK, I’ve never felt as I do now about antisemitism in Europe,” Cohen said.

Naturally, one cannot expect a self-denying Israeli propagandist like Danny Cohen to acknowledge the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people on the hands of Israelis and other Zionist Jews in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, UK, US, Ukraine, Sudan, etc. Read more here.

BBC, the official mouthpiece of British government, is in fact the leading media outlet for biased reporting of Palestinian and Israel’s regional adversaries. It promotes Zionist’s narrative of holocaust, 9/11 and 7/7, while spreading hatred toward Islam and Muslims.

In January 2012, BBC’s Jews played a major role in getting Iran’s Press TV banned in Britain.

Last week, the BBC was able to delay the investigation report on its famous ‘most Jewish Catholic’ presenter Sir Jimmy Savile for the third time. He is being investigated for sexually abusing 400 young people during his 50 year service at the BBC.

Jews were expelled from England from 1290, and were only allowed to return in 1656 for funding war with France. The Zionist media has blamed English for the mass deportation based on Christians’ religious hatred toward Jews. However, Canadian historian and author professor Goldwin Smith (1823-1910) in his book The Jewish Problem has refuted this claim.

The recurring friction between Jews and non-Jews through the ages, Smith persuasively argues, is due primarily not to the defects or iniquities of non-Jews, but rather is a lamentable but nevertheless quite understandable reaction to Jewish behavior. The most galling features of this behavior, he contends, are rooted in the distinctively tribalistic character of the Jewish religion as laid out in the Talmud and the Old Testament.


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