US-Israel-India behind Pakistan’s school massacre

On Tuesday, seven foreign-trained terrorists with suicide vests strapped on their bodies slipped into military-run public school in Peshawar city near Pakistan-Afghan border and committed the bloodiest terrorist attack Pakistan has seen in its history. They opened fire indiscriminately on boys, girls and teachers during nearly eight hour siege of the school compound.

By the time the military commandos killed the seven terrorists – they had killed 137 students and ten staff members including one lady teacher who was burned alive by the terrorists. Military has identified the terrorists being Uzbeks and not the Pushtun who make the bulk of Taliban movement fighting US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan.

Pakistani terrorist militant group Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) has taken credit for the massacre. The Jewish-controlled western mainstream media always try to associate these butchers with anti-Israel Afghan Taliban. However, both groups have totally different agenda. Afghan Taliban are fighting against the foreign occupation and are friendly toward Pakistan. Their leaders have condemned the terrorist attack. On the other hand, TTP wants to destroy Pakistan as a single nation. They are fighting Pakistan military to weaken it in line with Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (US National War Academy), a military analyst at the Pentagon, who proposed the Balkanization of the Middle East in his article titled Blood Borders – advocated the incorporation of the NWFP into Afghanistan and the creation of an independent Baluchistan, carved out of Baluch areas of Pakistan and Islamic Iran and protected by US-Israel. Pakistani Baluchistan is estimated to hold 25.1 trillion cubic feet of gas and 6 trillion barrels of oil. Read more here and here.

Pakistani jets and ground forces have killed 59 militants in a north-western tribal region near the Afghan border in retaliation to the school shooting, the army said on Friday.

Several Pakistani sources have blamed CIA-Mossad-RAW and Afghan intelligence agencies behind the terrorist attack on the school. On December 17, on Pakistan television, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed leader of Jamaat ud-Dawa, blamed India and its allies for the massacre.

On Wednesday, Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif lifted ban on death penalty for terrorists as recommended by politicians, army and the religious leaders, which has been condemned by the so-called “humanitarian wars” leaders in the West. Death penalty is still practiced in several US states including Texas, Florida, California, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

On December 16, Tony Cartalucci, an investigative journalist wrote: “Attempts by the Western media to reduce this recent attack to mere “extremism,” preying on global audiences emotionally, provides impunity for the state-sponsors of the (Pakistani) Taliban – those funding, arming, and directing their operations across the region, and then benefiting from their horrific consequences. It appears, just as in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, the West and its allies are waging a proxy war in Pakistan as well. Attempts to exploit the tragedy in Peshawar compound this insidious agenda. Those across Pakistan’s political landscape must understand that their is no line these foreign interests are unwilling to cross in achieving their agenda – be it a line crossed at a perceived ally’s expense, or a perceived enemy’s expense.”

On December 19, American academic and radio talk-show host, Kevin Barrett, Ph.D, posted at the Veterans Today news website that the massacre at Peshawar military school was carried out by the “American Deep State and its allies India and Israel. Listen to Jim Fetzer comments on Sydney hostage taking and the massacre in Peshawar.

The US empire – sorry I should call it Bankster Empire – created the Pakistani Taliban to destabilize Pakistan. The ultimate aim is to take down Pakistan’s nuclear capability. Secondary aim: demonize Islam in general and Empire’s Afghan enemies in particular,” Barrett said.

Israel and India eagerly joined the project. They both have their own reasons wanting to destabilize, dismember and destroy nuclear-armed Pakistan,” Barrett added.

Today it is the Indian intelligence, RAW – unleashed by the genocidal Islamophobe Narendra Modi – that has the most hand-on control on the so-called “Pakistani Taliban”. But the US Deep State, with its deep pockets with narcotics trafficking, still in the picture,” Barrett said.


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