USAID – Israel: $700m vs Gaza: $10m

On December 16, 2014, the US embassy in Turkey announced that the US has donated $10 million to Palestinian Authority (not to Gaza government run by Hamas) for efforts to remove rubbles left from Israel’s 50-day carpet-bombing of Gaza Strip this Summer. According to a statement issued by the mission, the US administration made the donation through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Israel, as usual benefits from every war with its neighbors. It receives more military and financial aid from its western donors. United States which is the major funder of Israeli wars in the region, donates $3 billion military aid to the Jewish army plus it replaces all the military hardware used by Israeli army against its neighbors. The Congress has already committed nearly $700 million to replace all rockets, missiles, anti-missile batteries and ammunition, Jewish army used to kill and displace civilians during the recent 50-day war.

In October 2014, John Kerry, at the so-called “Gaza Donor Club” conference in Cairo had pledged $212 million for the reconstruction of Gaza infrastructure destroyed by the Jewish army. The war left over 2,500 Gazan including 545 children dead and 11,000 injured. Israel lost 67 soldiers and 7 civilian.

According to official Palestinian figures, a total of 15,671 housing units were damaged across the Gaza Strip, including 2,276 that were totally destroyed.

The latest Israeli offensive has left more than 65,000 Gazans facing a winter without shelter. One in five have access to water only once a week and 4 billion tons of rubble have yet to be cleared from a territory that is just 139 square miles.

Mahmoud Abbas, PA president and Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi had urged the donors to pledge $4 billion needed for the rebuilding of powerhouse, bridges, industrial and commercial properties and homes destroyed by punitive Israeli bombing.

Launched with the stated aim of destroying the Gaza ruling Islamic armed resistance Hamas, the Israeli offensive finally ended on August 26 with an indefinite cease-fire celebrated by both Netanyahu and Palestinian resistance groups as a strategic victory.

Israel has a history of claiming victory when in fact it has suffered defeat; the October 1973 war is the best example,” wrote Roth in Foreign Policy magazine. The difference back then is that many in Israel accepted false victories. But since Israel’s military humiliation during 2006 war with Hizbullah, they refuse to do so, as various opinion polls by Haaretz, Channel 2 and others are showing. Furthermore, the chasm in Israel’s political class is wider than it has been in many years.



2 responses to “USAID – Israel: $700m vs Gaza: $10m

  1. MEPs endorse Palestine recognition

    Today @ 14:16


    The EU parliament Wednesday adopted by 498 votes against 88, with 111 abstentions, a non-binding motion which “supports in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood”. The loose wording has been interpreted in different ways, with pro-Israeli groups saying it stops short of endorsing recognition, while pro-Palestinian groups welcomed the resolution.

    • All the western countries which have decided to “supports in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood”, indirectly legitimize the European Jewish occupation of historic Muslim Palestine. They support a “demilitarized” Palestinian state in which the elected government of Hamas in Gaza is not represented. The two-state solution is no different than the agenda of the BDS movement.

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