Islamophobia for Israel

414GxU45X1L[1]A new book, Islamophobia & Israel, features investigative articles by two American Jewish writers, Donna Nevel and Elly Bulkin. The articles show in detail how the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups fuel and fund hatred toward Muslims and Islam for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Both writers have been active against Western bigotry toward Islam and Muslims especially since September 11, 2001, which like the current Islamist ISIS terrorists, was work of US-Israel state terrorism. Both are conveners of a new project, the Jewish Voice for Peace Network Against Islamophobia.

Last month, Donna Nevel, in an address at Cornell Campus said: “The reality is that in post-9/11 era, anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim bigotry have become an entrenched feature of the landscape in New York city and nationwide.”

Last year, Nevel and Bulkin exposed Abraham Foxman’s so-called “human rights” organization, Anti-Defamation League, as America’s leading Jewish voice, which creates and supports anti-Muslim feelings in the US and Europe.

For decades the organized Jewry has accused Muslims of its past anti-Christian rhetoric, such as, anti-Semitism, Holocaust-denial, pro-Blood Libel, etc. to demonize Islam and Muslims in order to manipulate Western conscience in favor of the Jewish occupation of once Muslim-majority Palestine.

The Jewish lobby groups have led almost every campaign against America’s largest religious minority (8-11 million) – whether it relate to construction of a new mosque, an Islamic school, an Islamic community center, a Muslim charity, wearing hijab, Qur’an burning – even application of Islamic Shari’ah in Brunei.

On December 2, 2014, Kennesaw city council rejected a proposal by a local Muslim groups to be allowed to use a rental space in a local shopping mall by a 4:1 vote. It’s just past July, the same council members approved a request from evangelic group to set up a prayer center in a retail center in Kennesaw. Councilor Cris Eaton-Welsh made the motion to approve the Muslim’s request to do the same, but the other four members refused, silently, without debate – and without comment afterwards.

Anti-Islamic demonstrators lead by local pro-Israel groups outside of Kennesaw City Hall made it clear that they believe an Islamic worship center is not welcome in Kennesaw.

On August 14, 2014, Donna Nevel wrote in Tikkun Magazine: In conversations about Gaza, I have heard many thoughtful people in the Jewish community lament the loss of Palestinian lives in Gaza but then say, “But Hamas…,” as if that were the heart of the problem. I’d like to suggest that, when we have these conversations about Hamas and Israel’s current bombing campaign, we begin with the necessary context and historical perspective.

To create the Israeli state, the Zionist movement destroyed more than 400 Palestinians villages and expelled 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and land. Palestinians who remained in what became Israel were relegated to second-class citizenship, had much of their property confiscated, and, to this day, have fewer rights than Jewish Israeli citizens.

In 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem and still occupies them until this day.

Over the past 47 years of occupation, Israel has illegally confiscated more and more Palestinian land; built an apartheid wall; systematically denied Palestinians basic human and civil rights and engaged in state-sponsored violence; and forced the Palestinians in Gaza to live in appalling conditions that make it increasingly impossible to survive. Israel’s latest bombing campaign, Operation Protective Edge, has killed over 1,900 Palestinians, at least 450 of whom are children, and has displaced hundreds of thousands more.

If those of us in the Jewish community who are committed to justice begin from these facts, I think it would become clearer – regardless of who the Palestinian leadership is – that the underlying problem really is the denial of freedom and basic human rights to millions of people, for decades. And, as a community, it should also become clearer where priorities need to be in order to have any integrity on this issue: addressing the Nakba of 1948 and the responsibility for the Nakba head-on – including the right of return for refugees; ending the occupation; ending the siege on Gaza; and recognizing the right to full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel.


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