Israel recognized Bangladesh even before its creation

562[2]Currently, the anti-Islam radical Judeo-Christian mafia is worried that the so-called political Islam seems to be creeping back to otherwise one of world’s most secularized Muslim-majority Bangladesh (80%). The secularist mafia in its self-denial cannot accept the fact that true secularism is not practiced even in a single western nation – not even the US, France, Britain, Germany and Canada – all controlled by their Jewish minorities.

Several former government officials and analyst have admitted that Israel and its lobby groups in the West played a significant role in the break-up of Pakistan in 1971 and the creation of Bangladesh out of Pakistan’s eastern province separated 1,100 miles by Indian territory.

Very few people, however, know that both India and Israel gave recognition to the CIA-Mossad-RAW supported Bengali provisional regime carrying out a brutal insurgency against Pakistan’s central government in exile several months before Bangladesh appeared on the map on December 16, 1971. The Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reported on February 7, 1972 that Israeli foreign minister Abba Eban informed his Bangladeshi counterpart, Abdus Samad Azad, of Israel’s recognition of Bangladesh in a cable. The paper also claimed that in April 1970, in a letter from Acting President Nazrul Islam and Foreign Minister Mastaque Ahmed of the Bengali provisional government which was then fighting a war of secession from Pakistan asking for military and diplomatic help from the Zionist regime.

India established diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity during Indira Gandhi’s government. Bangladesh, on the other hand, has not recognized Israel “officially”, but have carried many “kosher things” under the table based on Indonesian model.

Dr. Srinath Raghavan in his 1971 book War and Peace in Modern India revealed how Israel provided arms to India ahead of its invasion of East Pakistan. Raghavan’s assessment of Henry Kissinger, Jew War Criminal, and American strategy is devastating.

Even after living under pro-India-West “secularism” for over four decades, the Bangladeshis have not forgotten their Muslim brothers in occupied Palestine and Kashmir. For example, in 1980s, nearly 8,000 Bangladeshis youth volunteered to join PLO and fought against the Jewish tyranny in Palestine and Lebanon.

In 2012, the Zionist regime declared Lt. Gen. Jack Farj Rafael Jacob (born into an Iraqi Jewish family), chief of staff of the Indian Eastern command during 1971 Pakistan-India War, an Israeli hero.

The Zionist entity looks at the impoverished South Asian Muslim country, with its population of 135 million, as one big potential market for Israeli products. Israel also hopes to be part of the efforts of the Western countries, which seek investment and development in countries like Bangladesh for the sake of exploiting their natural and labor resources.


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