Jewish Lobby opposes Catalonia’s statehood















If Israel goes down, whole West will go down,” said former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar in an Op-Ed published at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on June 18, 2010. He is also the founder of ‘Friends of Israel’ organization.

I remember an article in response to Aznar’s ‘love for Israel’ statement by Zaid Nabulsi, whose ancestors were expelled from Spain by the Crusaders, in which he wrote: “Hey Jose, if you see nothing wrong with what Israel is, and regard its Goldstone-documented war crimes as a mere “distraction”, while ignoring that it is the source of all the “turbulence” of the region you mentioned, then you might as well give us back Malaga and Marbella. After all, in Andaluc’a, no Christian or Jew was ever persecuted or burnt at the stake, nor had his bone marrow fried by any other means.

On Sunday, nearly two million Catalans (total population 7.5 million) ignored pro-Israel prime minister Mariano Rajoy, former minister in Aznar’s cabinet, warning and voted for Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

The high turnout could put pressure on regional president Artur Mas who is in favor of independence but seems reluctant to declare independence unilaterally. The Radical Left, the second-largest party in Catalonia’s regional parliament, has suggested that “civil disobedience” may be necessary for the region to get its way.

The ‘YES’ vote is definitely going to worsen relations between Madrid and Barcelona ahead of next year’s national elections.

On October 12, 2012, Soeren Kern, posted an article at Israeli think tank Gatestone Institute, entitled ‘The Islamic Republic of Catalonia’, in which he try to scare the hell out of western Islamophobes. “A successful push for independence in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia with its capital in Barcelona would lead to the establishment of a country with the third-largest percentage of Muslims in Western Europe, just behind France and Belgium, and far ahead of Britain and Germany,” Kern said.

Nobody, however, expected Kern to mention that governments in France, Britain and Germany are all controlled by the Zionist regimes through the local powerful Jewish lobby groups.

In 1992, Spanish King Juan Carlos apologized to the world Jewry (13 million) on behalf of his ancestors, King Ferdinand II of Portugal (died 1504) and his Queen Isabella, the Catholic (died 1504) for the murder and expulsion of 130,000 Jewish citizen of Muslim Spain, but refused to apologize for the four million Muslims who suffered the same fate in Spain. Recently, Madrid accorded Right of Return to Jews whose ancestors were expelled in 1492, but no such offer to Muslims. A similar double standard is played by the Zionist entity which allows a person born to a Jewish mother anywhere in the world, Israeli citizenship – but refuses to accord “Right of Return” to 700,000 Native Palestinian Muslims and Christians expelled in 1948.

Barcelona soccer club, the four-time European champion and epitome of Catalan pride, is supporting the region’s bid to hold a vote on breaking away from the rest of Spain at a potential cost to its business interests.

Following the Inquisition and the Edict of Expulsion (Alhamra Decree) 1492, Spain officially remained Muslim-Jew free till WW II. Spain recognized Zionist entity in 1975. After that Madrid established closer links with Israel and the Spanish Jewish community while keeping distance from a much larger Muslim minority.

The total Muslim population in Spain has reached 1.2 million, representing less than 2.5% of country’s total population. A great majority of Muslims are of Moroccan origin followed by Algerian, Senegalese, Pakistani and a minority of local converts.

Catalonia is the main Muslim settlement in Spain numbering nearly 180,000 or 15% of region’s total population. In Catalonia, 60% of Muslims have Pakistani origin followed by Senegalese (33%).

Michael Hamilton Morgan in book, Islamic Civilization, said: “I hope that non-Muslims can gain greater respect and deeper understanding of their Muslim cousins than current headlines and policies would suggest and that today’s Muslims can see how Islam was once applied in a way to support creativity, invention, tolerance, and diversity of thought and behavior in both society and in individual lives.”

I visited Granada City to see historic Alhamra Mosque in August 2008. I posted my emotional experience on Rehmatpedia website which is not available now.


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