International Court: Israel’s ‘War Crimes’ are not our problem

On Thursday, under pressure from Obama administration, the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC), a Zionist-controlled judiciary circus, announced that it would not investigate Comoros’ (Muslim majority nation in Indian Ocean) request any further or lay criminal charges Jewish soldiers for killing ten unarmed (nine Turkish and one American) aid workers on board a Turkish ship while sailing to Gaza in international waters.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda even though admitted Thursday that there is a reasonable basis to believe that Israel committed war crimes in its attack on the Mavi Marmara vessel, echoing the findings of a 61-page report by ICC prosecutors. But Bensouda went on to state that the potential case or cases arising from such an investigation “would not be of ‘sufficient gravity’ to justify further action by the ICC.

In the final analysis, I have, therefore, concluded that the legal requirements under the Rome Statute to open an investigation have not been met and I am announcing that the preliminary examination has been closed,” Besouda said.

According to the prosecution lawyers, the ICC decision proves that the Zionist entity has special status in regard to international law.

The Center for Constitutional Rights blasted the court’s decision: “It is outrageous that the ICC is refusing to prosecute Israeli officials despite acknowledging that there’s a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes were committed. For the court to say the case ‘would not be of sufficient gravity’ to justify further action when the Israeli Defense Force attacked international vessels in international waters, killed nine people and seriously injured many more, defies any reasonable understanding of justice and international law.”

Calling it a war crime is encouraging, but there is a factor of disappointment that they will not take this investigation further,” Ehab Lotayef of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition told Common Dreams. “Israel commits war crimes against unarmed civilians in many incidents, whether inside occupied territories in Gaza or the West Bank, whether against internationals or locals.”

The ICC’s falling over Israeli shoes is likely to bring outrage from Turkish public. In 2012, a Turkish court issued arrest warrants against four ex-Jewish Generals who ordered the assault on Mavi Marmara on May 31,  2010. Read also here.

Former UN special envoy for the occupied Palestine, American Jewish academic Dr. Richard Falk, has spent last eight years under Jewish Lobby’s knife for calling Israel a War Criminal in his every annual report to United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).


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