Libya: A Muslim nation destroyed for Israel and greed

We have a copy of an agreement between the would-be-rebels and the Mossad. The agreement states that Israel will provide arms and training to the rebels until they take-over the country and in return for that Israel will get to put a military base in the Green Mountain of Libya,” said Jo Anne and her husband James Moriarty, the whistle-blowers, who worked in Libya during 2007-2011.

In November 2011, French Jewish “philosopher” and a close friend of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Bernard-Henri Levy, admitted at the first conference of the French Jewish Lobby CRIF that Qaddafi had to be removed because he became a threat to Israel.

“What I have done all these months, I did as a Jew. And like all the Jews of the world, I was worried. Despite legitimate anxiety is an uprising to be welcomed with favor, we were dealing with one of the worst enemy of Israel,” said Levy.

Last month, Dr. Franklin Lamb was allowed to interview Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, formerly heir-apparent to his father, Libyan leader Col. Moammar Qaddafi in Libyan jail. Dr. Lamb says that the main purpose of his meeting was to find out the fate of Iranian-born Lebanese Shia cleric and politician, Imam Musa Sadr, who disappeared while on visit to Libya in 1978. Dr. Lamb claims that after talking to several Libyan professionals, he came to the conclusion that Saif al-Islam could be the only person in Libya who could muster a popular public support in order to defeat the US-NATO armed and funded Islamist militia groups fighting each other for power and oil money.

The rampant regional, ideological and tribal conflicts are worse than the rule of the dictator,” said Salah Mahmud al-Akuri, a doctor in Benghazi. “Some Libyans are looking back to the old regime.”

In July 2011, Saif al-Islam was quoted as saying: “It isn’t just Libya’s black gold (oil) that the West wants, but Libya’s “blue gold” – that Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, the only fresh water source of its kind that remains in North Africa and the Middle East, a region now experiencing a permanent drought. As famine sets in (famine has already begun in East Africa) that Libyan aquifer will become as valuable as gold. Two French water firms, the largest in the world (Veolia and Suez S.A.) want to own that aquifer, since they will make countless billions in profit from food grown from the water. Many books have been written about the escalating global water wars. Every IMF or World Bank loan is issued on the condition that the victim nation sells its water supplies to private investors. The human race can survive without oil if necessary, but not without water.”

Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are arming and funding US-NATO’s former allies (Islamists) to establish their influence in the ‘future Libya’ while the Zionist-controlled vultures are watching the on-going bloodshed of Muslim people on the sideline.

Muslims must learn the truth, sooner the better that Western invasions of their countries have nothing to do with bringing democracy or liberating women, but the agenda is totally opposite. The purpose of these “humanitarian interventions” is to installed regimes which are subservient to Zionist interests. The US, France, Britain, Canada and Italy has played major part in these “Zionist wars” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, etc., which have made life for ordinary citizen a living hell. In April 2011, American Jewish scholar, Noam Chomsky, admitted that United States is against democratic governments in the Middle East because they turn out to be anti-Israel.


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