Lobby condemns Jew author for calling ISIS ‘beheading’ faked

American Jew author, public speaker and feminist activist Naomi Wolf has come under organized Jewry’s knife once again for not believing in the “beheading videos” (here and here) released by the USrael created ISIS.

It takes five people to stage an event like this – two to be ‘parents’,- two to pose for the camera, one in ninja outfit and one to contact the media that doesn’t bother checking who ANY of these four other people are …,” Wolf wrote on her Facebook page.

Even after personal insults on the Facebook and the media, Naomi Wolf has refused to do ‘teshuva’ for making the above anti-Semite statement.

British Zionist-controlled media has labeled Naomi Wolf “crackpot” for claiming that September 18 Scottish referendum was rigged during her speech in Glasgow on October 12, 2014. Listen to her speech below.

On October 11, Michael Maynihan, posted an article, entitled ‘From ISIS to Ebola, What has made Naomi Wolf so Paranoid?‘ at the Israeli propaganda mouthpiece The Daily Beast. Maynihan began Wolf’s character assassination by accusing her for contributing to anti-Israel websites like Globalreach.ca (owned by a Canadian Jewish academic), American Veterans Today and Iranian Press TV.

After that Maynihan listed Wolf’s several so-called “conspiracy theories” including she called Barack Obama little Adolf Eichman in the White House in 2009 – and Edward Snowden being a CIA creation, and that she associates herself with NYU media professor Mark Crispin Miller, a 9/11 denier.

On July, Naomi Wolf accused Israel of committing “genocide” during its recent 50-day war on Gaza.

Professor Phyllis Chesler (CUNY), a self-described “radical feminist”, once chided Naomi Wolf for claiming that Muslim women enjoy more rights than their western sisters. “Don’t you read stories how women are abused in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Morocco, Indonesia and other Muslim countries,” Chesler asked. I bet Chesler is not aware of the fact that Jewish women in Israel face discrimination in eight fields.


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