S.A. Jew leader: Bishop Tutu is Adolf Hitler

rhodes-logoThe Jewish Lobby loves to honor every world leader who criticizes the Zionist regime by comparing him with Adolf Hitler, a Crypto Jew himself. South African Jewish weekly Jewish Report in a recent Op-Ed, entitled ‘Arch no better than Hitler or Stalin’ written by country’s Israeli Likud party president Leon Reich, equating South Africa’s former Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Just as it was more important for Hitler to kill Jews than protect the fatherland in the last days of (WW II) war so it is more important for Tutu to kill Jews rather to protect his fellow Christians,” wrote Reich.

Reich also accused Tutu of “preying” on Israel together with Hamas, and said that two are working together towards the destruction of Israel.

Ant Katz, the media editor of the S.A. Jewish Report has supported the Tutu-Hitler comparison, but said that Tutu’s Hitler look-alike photo (above) was published by the Weekly and not by Reich, the author of the post.

I’m sure the self-denying Zionist Jew Reich knows that Josef Stalin’s all three wives were Jewish – and he also fathered the first Jewish state in Soviet in 1934. Stalin who destroyed thousands of churches and mosques during his rule over Soviet and Ukraine – never targeted even a single synagogue.

Anyone who has followed Bishop Tutu’s activities and writings would know that he is not in favor of the liberation of the historic Palestine occupied by foreign Jews since 1948. He just wants the Zionist regime to let native Muslim and Christian Palestinians establish an independent state of their own on the 22% (pre-1967) of their ancestral land. Last month, Tutu penned an Op-Ed for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, entitled, Liberation of Palestine will liberate Israel, too.

The Jewish Lobby has accused Bishop Tutu of supporting BDS movement. Unfortunately, most supporters of BDS don’t realize that it in fact legalizes Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.

Both former Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Libyan leader Qaddafi are among the many world leaders who received that honor in the past.


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