UAE is conducting US-proxy war in Libya

uae-flagupdate[1]Early this week, the Jew York Times reported that UAE’s Union Defense Force (UDF) “secretly” carried out two air strikes against “Islamist militants’ in Libya using bases in Egypt.

Interestingly, according to the Voice of America (August 26, 2014), both UAE and Egypt have denied the allegations.

According to Jewish Time magazine, the strike proved unsuccessful as the anti-US installed government militants gained control of Tripoli airport just after the second airstrike last week.

In a bid to put more icing on the cake, the United States and its allies, Britain, France, Italy and Germany, which waged a brutal war on Libya to remove Qaddafi regime which posed “existential” threat to Israel, condemned both UAE and Egypt for interfering in Libyan “civil war”.

The five allies strongly condemned ongoing fighting in such major cities as Tripoli and Benghazi, especially in residential areas, and urged all parties to accept a cease-fire,” the Voice of America reported.

Interestingly, these five anti-Muslim regimes acted worse than Nazis against Libyans a few years ago, they had claimed being “liberators”. They destroyed Africa’s most stable and prosperous nation for their greed and hatred of Muslims. The World Bank in its 2010 report had admitted that Libya  maintained “high levels of economic growth,” with an average increase in GDP of 7.5 percent per annum, which recorded “high indicators of human development,” including universal access to primary and secondary education, and for 46 percent of the population, also at the university level. Despite income disparities among individuals, the standard of living of the Libyan population was significantly higher than that of other African countries. Bearing witness to this fact was that nearly two million immigrants, mostly Africans, were working in Libya.

Ironically, the current “Islamist militants” happened to be US-NATO allies against Qaddafi regime.

In case some readers may not know, both UAE and Egypt are in the US-Israel regional orbit. Both countries are onboard Washington plan to bring pro-Israel regime changes in Damascus, Tehran, Baghdad and Beirut.

The ‘6 million’ question is how could UAE and Egypt conduct war against anti-government militants without the green-signal from the Pentagon? America is No.1 supplier of arms to UAE which with a population of little over 9 million, has the third largest annual military budget ($15.4 billion) in the region after Saudi Arabia ($35 billion) and Israel ($17.3 billion). UAE forces are trained by American, British and French military experts.

Both the USAF and UAE air force use Al Dhafra Air Base outside Abu Dhabi. In addition to Al Dhafra, US has operational facilities at Bateen and Al Ain Sharjah international airport.

On November 11, 2011, the Jewish Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that United States is arming the Gulf states to wage its proxy war against Iran.

On April 3, 2012, The Voice of Russia, also confirmed that Washington is arming the Gulf states to bring favorable regime changes in Tehran and Damascus.


One response to “UAE is conducting US-proxy war in Libya

  1. UAE is where Zionist Christian nutcase Erik Prince fled to avoid being charged with crimes against Iraqis. His Blackwater/Xe/Academia is probably supplying the pilots for these raids.

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