UN Jewish envoy: ‘Israel needs to talk with Hamas’

Former UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) envoy for the Palestine Occupied Territories, American Jewish academic Dr. Richard Falk (Princeton University) was recently interviewed by Jessica Desvarieux of The Real News Com. Falk talked to her via phone from Turkey where he lives with her Turkish Jewish wife Dr. Hilal Elver (University of California), the US Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

On May 5, 2014, Hilel C. Neuer, executive director of Geneva-based Israel lobby group, UN Watch, wrote a letter to Samantha Power, US ambassador at United Nations, requesting her to block Ms Elver’s appointment.

On the durability of the current Egyptian negotiated ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Falk said that the ceasefire has no chance to last unless it’s supported by “long-term” territorial solution.

It’s one thing to lift the blockade (since 2006), which certainly should be done and will create a temporary sense of relative normalcy in Gaza which is in desperate need of humanitarian help not because the current Israeli attacks during the last several weeks, but even before that, because it was blockaded . The tunnels have been destroyed by Egypt (under Crypto-Jew Gen. Sisi’s orders), which it (Hamas and other resistance groups) had relied upon since 2007 to get many of basic necessities of life. And so the situation of Gaza has to be addressed in a more fundamental way than a demilitarization versus blockade,” said Falk. Listen to the rest of the interview below.

On August 20, 2014, Dr. Richard Falk, also posted the updated version of an interview he gave to Ken Klippenstein, published earlier at the CounterPunch on his personal blog.

In this interview, Falk claims that a common hatred toward Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood unites both Egyptian dictator Gen. Sisi and the Zionist regime.

The US is definitely complicit and legally accountable, at least in theory, in that this weaponry is not supposed to be used except in accordance with international law; and if the whole undertaking is a violation of international law, then the United States is responsible, and should diplomatically have been seeking to restrain and censure Israel, rather than to lend its support,” said Falk. Read the rest of the interview here.



5 responses to “UN Jewish envoy: ‘Israel needs to talk with Hamas’

  1. I disagree unless Falk can cite a single example of ‘talking’ that led to anything other than giving Israel more time for expansion and ethnic cleansing punctuated by spurts of genocide [preferably scheduled as festivities during jewish religious ‘holy’ days].
    RESISTANCE BY ANY MEANS is the only solution. The Palestinians should kiss Nasrallah’s feet for his wisdom and true Islamic compassion and his unwavering sense of justice in overlooking the errors of stupidity bordering on treason of the Palestinian leadership.

  2. i once posted a comment on the blog of the ‘twice blessed’ actor stephen fry’s.
    it was not a comment, shall we say, entirely flattering to his views. it only showed when i visited the comments, no one else could see it, with the line ‘awaiting moderation.’ after three months it disappeared entirely.

    • I’m least surprised, though I don’t know the topic of your comment. Stephen Fry is Jewish actor, comedian, author and an Islamophobe. He told Julian Storey, who asked him “how a Jew could be a LGBT when it’s prohibited in Jewish faith”/

      “Being Jewish is not a matter of religion: I’m a Jew, but don’t follow Judaism,” replied Fry as reported by algemeiner on June 24, 2014.

      Like L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Fry has also called for the boycott of the Dorchester Collection Luxury Hotels until anti-gay laws in the southeast Asian state of Brunei are repealed.


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