Israel rejects UN panel to investigate war crimes in Gaza

On Monday, United Nations Humana Rights Council (UNHRC) named a panel of three legal experts to investigate possible war crimes committed by the Jewish army in Gaza Strip.

Tel Aviv, however, rejected the enquiry as UNHRC “kangaroo court”.

The panel is headed by an internationally renowned Canadian lawyer, professor William Schabas, who teaches internal law at Middlesex University in England, and is on editorial board of the Israel Law Review.

William Schabas appointment is criticized by Canada’s pro-Israel gay foreign minister John Baird and Geneva-based Israeli advocacy Jewish group UN Watch. Both have accused Dr. Schabas being anti-Israel and a Jew hater.

The other two members of the panel are Doudou Diene, a Senegalese veteran UN human rights expert and Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese lawyer. Amal Alamuddin, is engaged to pro-Israel Hollywood Jew actor and anti-Sudan campaigner George Coolney. She has declined UNHRC offer.

I am honored to have received the offer, but given existing commitments – including eight ongoing cases – unfortunately could not accept this role,” she said in a statement. UNHRC is expected to announce the name of the replacement most probably within the next week.

Despite rejecting the offer, Alamuddin said there should be an “independent investigation and accountability for crimes Israel may have committed, reported by UK’s Jewish Daily Mail.

The Zionist entity has always refused to cooperate with the UNHRC. It has always blamed the international body being biased toward Israel and Jews even when these investigations were carried by Jews like South African judge Richard Goldstone or American Jewish academic Dr. Richard Falk. Furthermore, there have always been Israel’s allies among the UNHRC member states.

Anthony Mathew Jacob, a Christian writer from India, in his recent article, entitled ‘Palestine And The Zionist Media’, wrote: Welcome to the world where the Israelis are “KILLED” by Palestinians and the Palestinians merely “DIE” to Israeli “retaliation,” the oppressed Palestinians are “terrorists” and the oppressor Israel is the “victim.” Media is an immensely powerful tool in forming, altering and camouflaging public opinion. For the last 67 years, millions of Palestinians have been forcefully evicted from their lands, displaced, tortured and killed. Villages, towns and cities have been destroyed and made way for Israeli settlements and the country called Israel. The nation that never existed before has been built over the last 67 years and all that the world has done is pass resolutions against the usurper.

Watch American protesters explaining to Barack Obama what word “barbaric” means.



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    have this translated please and the head is a Mossad agent, Regards from Amsterdam, Joop

  2. Reblogged this on Liberalism is Trust Fucked with Prudence. Conservatism is Distrust Tainted with Fear and commented:

    غرد ياطقعان تري الضراط ابلاش
    Gaza is a scam.
    Palestinians ain’t worth urine that pissed on their wounds.
    They just began begging Egypt truce.
    More money for Hamas more arms for Israel. Fuck the dead Muslim elders, women and children they’re bloody roadkills.
    Elie Wiesel built his legacy and awarded Nobel Prize on being an illegitimate bastard born outta Auschwitz Dachau Birkenau wedlock.
    He dances for Netanyahoo rain or shine. It’s to Jewish to see it otherwise.
    [Google this]
    Zionist lobby forced Obama to give 5 minutes audience to this jackass and since the he ain’t Elie Wiesel no mo.
    If God stayed Abraham’s knife, who will stay Israel’s? Elie Wiesel of course and his voodoo dildo Shmuley Boteach who koshered for Michael Jackson anal sex with white preteen kids.
    After depleting all Iraq war arms residues in Gaza war. Israel is coming after PantagonJunk leftover in Afghanistan. DOD’s Israelifirsters youyou game is the usual boring cheat-game for cooking the books to generate overstock scam to ship billion of dollars of arms to Israel for free.

    • Sir, the only people who are not worth urine, are western Christian people who happens to adore Israeli Azz. On the other hand, the majority of Palestinians, Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian are trying to remove Western-Israeli cancer out of Muslim Heartland and hopefully may succeed to send those murderous ZeoNazis back to ancestral lands in Europe.

  3. Michael Santomauro

    JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG: ‘Is it good for the Jews?’

    Pogrebin, Abigail (2007-12-18). Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish (pp. 18-19). Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    So I ask the obvious question, “Does being Jewish affect the way you approach cases on the Court?”—expecting her to wave it off with some boilerplate version of Justices can’t let personal experience color their judgment. Instead, her answer is more nuanced. “I don’t think that I approach cases in a particular way because I am Jewish any more than I do because I’m a woman. I have certain sensitivities for both. You know the old expression, ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ For example, a lot of people want to have crosses in front of their town hall or whatever. They say, ‘It doesn’t hurt anybody.’ We had one case where I was in dissent—it was about a cross in front of the Statehouse in Ohio. And to me, the photograph of that statehouse told the whole story of the case: Here is the Capitol in Columbus, and here is this giant cross. And what is the perception of a Jewish child who is passing by the Capitol? It’s certainly that this is a Christian country. A person’s reaction could be: ‘There’s something wrong with me.’ It’s not a symbol that includes you.” The theme of exclusion runs through so many of her stories: the sting of being sidelined, legal cases about people who are made to feel unwelcome. A sad irony occurs to me, as she talks: As other institutions marginalized her for being a Jew, her religion made her feel left out because she was a woman and thus lost her early on. When I ask if she misses Judaism, there’s a long pause. “I wish that I could have the feeling for it that I once did. I don’t think I ever will.”


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